Another Proposed League On Deck

We hate to do this to you again folks, but we consider this part of our regular public service to the baseball industry.  An organization called Blanchette Sports Holdings led by Ray Blanchette plans to start numerous professional leagues in different sports across the nation, including the new Nationwide Baseball League (formerly Southeast Baseball League).  According to Blanchette on LinkedIn:

We have changed the name of the league to the NBL, Nationwide Baseball League. To give it more of a national feel. So far there is interest from potential owners in New York, Texas, Florida and Idaho. Don’t miss out on a chance to own your own franchise. Affordable franchise fees plus our Team In A Box feature is an opportunity you dont want to miss!


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20 responses to “Another Proposed League On Deck

  1. Agreed, Ron. I hope that Wolff takes his Canadian teams and cedes the rest of the teams to Boulton who I’m sure can create a better and stronger league.

    • DanRodriguez804

      That’ll be interesting, Brian. Something has to be in the works. Hopefully…Although what can he do with his two teams in Quebec? I guess join the American Association. That’s quite a bus ride though to Winnipeg from Quebec City. That league is sinking really fast. To add some credibility, they should definitely merge.

      • Ron

        Agreed! I miss Brockton and the original brown and teal uniforms and the Mike Veeck “fun is good” concept around the park, it was an exciting place to watch a ball game!

  2. Oh, another new league – the Reunion Baseball League. This is awesome – I love new leagues !

    • Ron

      Me too just a legit league with purpose would be nice! For example Atlantic League II or the revitalization of the Northern League/Northeast League – Can-Am must be replaced!

  3. …by the way, Ray Blanchette of Blanchette Sports Holdings uses “Fred Flinstone” as an alias. I have received emails from “Fred Flinstone” so I can back this up.

    • ballparkbiz


      Fred Flintstone’s IP address is the Tampa area, so I assumed it was him. Thanks for the confirmation. Everyone tries to be so sneaky.


  4. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Ron, you have to have commitments on franchises and all that so the paying part is not technically a problem, though it’s usually just deposits at this point.

    The non organization and other issues are a problem. Changing names every week is a problem. This list could go on forever….

    Shouldn’t be “fed up with Indy Baseball”. Things happen, teams come and go. Follow the good leagues and notice they don’t have so many issues.

    Can Am is not an AtL Graveyard…they just happened to pick up teams that did better during the true summer months and well…didn’t work out for one reason or another.

    The movement and all that is what makes the offseason worthwhile like free agency in the majors.

  5. Ron

    Everyone, I just saw the AWBL Godfather, XE Inc., Embark Holdings joke lol…I was following this one closely with some hopeful anticipation that with 15 months until their proposed opening that someone would be doing something right. But Godfather is operating a new scheme in an effort to raise capital to run the league, I also heard he even is getting people to pay for franchises, pay league dues this far out and we have not heard a thing from Mesa or San Diego not that I expected anything from San Diego…At least the guy in Long Beach has shifted gears he now owns a Professional Lacrosse League Franchise in New Jersey and is making big moves as far as coaching and players being signed with opening just a few weeks away in New Jersey…I hope for his sake, he gets out of Long Beach and doesn’t lose too much on what he already has.

    Overall I am sick of new leagues and actually feel the Can-Am needs to shut down as it became an Atlantic League Grave Yard and failed miserably to pick up any traction. With Rockland being in the final year of a two year commitment and clearly the Can-Am’s strongest franchise, I am curious to see where they might actually end up. Other then that I am beyond fed up with Indy Baseball!

  6. Fred Fintstone

    You guys are pretty funny. I have spoken with this gentleman and the point of the models is for promotional purposes. They are going to make appearances at games and promo events from what I’m told. And the numbers I was shown, showed a significant increase in traffic after the models were hired. So actually, it’s a pretty good idea that worked. And as far as credentials, I read that interview a few weeks ago. It appears that he indeed does have knowledge. As a matter of fact, I checked it out and it is true. He has been owner or co-owner of 3 minor league franchises and owned an indoor football league that he single handedly got off the ground and running. I have no loyalities either way, I’m just saying that a lot of people are ready to slam someone and they don’t even have all the facts. He has a good plan and there are reasons that he is doing things the way he is doing them. Some of you should actually talk to him and listen to the ideas he has. He is actually pretty smart. If it works or not who knows. But he is at least making an attempt to fix something that he sees wrong. More people in the world should do that. Most of us just bitch about the people that actually do try to take matters into their own hands and fix them. It’s amazing how you guys can come to conclusions without any information. You have opinions and thats it. And you use those factless based opinions to make judgements on an individual you know nothing about. Again, I have no loyalites but I say if he thinks he can do it and wants to try, then let him. Maybe instead of slamming him, you should offer some help. He wants to fix what he (and millions of fans across the country) thinks is wrong in minor league sports. And if he is successful you would benefit from that. So your problem with his trying is exactly what?

    • ballparkbiz


      First, I have all the information I need to know the reality here. My opinions are always solid, because they are based on facts, knowledge, and experience. Second, extra traffic to a Facebook page with so-called models posted on it doesn’t mean jack when it comes to determining your success in the baseball industry. Third, exactly what problem in the minor league baseball industry is Mr. Blanchette trying to fix? I would really like to know, because I must have missed it. Finally, you say “if it works or not, who knows.” You, and other like you who don’t have a clue, shrug these ventures off as if they are not hurting anyone. Well, if you believe this, you’re would be absolutely wrong! I love well-run indy pro baseball (the American Association, Atlantic League, and Frontier League are great circuits), but there has been a trail of destruction left by indy leagues since the early 90s by people who didn’t know what they were doing. When a team or league folds, investors, advertisers, vendors, fans, and communities get burned. Failures also harm the industry as a whole, which is one reason we work to police new ventures like this. None of our business? It is our business!

      Offer help? I have given more advice than I can possibly remember. Some people listen (the smart ones), and others don’t (the blind ones who fail to see reality). My advice for Mr. Blanchettee? Ditch his entire concept and focus on trying buy a single team in a single existing league — preferably not in the baseball industry.


  7. Edgardo

    Totally correct Alan. If you don’t have the money, the baseball knowledege, and the proper model it’s not going to work. All of the independent leagues that are successful have knowledgeable BASEBALL people running the league. Hey Alan check up on the AWBL and Godfather Media I heard they changed there company name. Another circus

  8. Edgardo

    People wonder why Independent Baseball gets a bad image and this is why. Leagues starting up that have no clue on what they are doing. Yes I would say the AWBL is in the same boat. I also read Godfather Media changed it’s name yet again. But back to this league where are they getting all of this money from? Is says the NBL will play 72 games April through September. It’s already wrong six months to play 72 games WOW your budget must be huge if you paying for housing, meal money for the players, travel etc. Sometimes I wonder!!!

  9. annoyed (even more)

    Fred just the opposite my friend. we are the people actually putting out professional first class products. and these sub standard leagues only muddy the waters in the business we try so hard to keep as first class as possible. mark my words, this thing will probably not even get off the ground. again it’s like the US Mint, spot printing money cuz the value goes down. stop making these terrible leagues, so the groups that are actually making this work can continue to thrive. again absolute joke

  10. Fred Fintstone

    They have officially hired a league president and have an announcement scheduled next week for their commissioner. Maybe it’s not an absolute joke afterall. At least he has the balls to make the efort. Usually the people who post negative things are those who arent strong enough to make an attempt of their own. Jealousy. Just saying.

  11. annoyed

    absolute joke

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