Boulders’ Success Factors Drawing Complaints

While more and more fans are coming out to watch the burgeoning indy pro Rockland Boulders (Can-Am League), some neighbors near Provident Bank Park, including the local animal shelter, are complaining about the noise from regular fireworks shows and concerts.  The team says they have received very few calls raising concerns.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Boulders’ Success Factors Drawing Complaints

  1. If you were just to read the coverage from the newspaper, you would have thought the whole community was against the town supervisor (St. Lawrence) and the building of this park. But the fact that he won re-election last year just goes to show how minimal the opposition was. Same goes for this situation – the newspaper wants to make this out to be a big deal, when in fact only a couple people have probably complained.

  2. Jackson

    I am sure there are many things that make dogs bark or go crazy, such as passing motorists, visitors to the hours, airplanes and neighbors. That is what you get when you own a canine.

  3. It seems that if the Hi-Tor Animal Shelter were some concerned about the fireworks, they wouldn’t be there almost every game trying to get people to adopt their pets. As was the case when the ballpark was built, it is a vocal few that is making the noise.

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