Baseball Returns to The Sandcastle

Baseball is back at Sandcastle Stadium, the former home of the indy pro Atlantic City Surf (Atlantic League/Can-Am League).  The once-deteriorating ballpark is playing host to the Babe Ruth 14-year-old Middle Atlantic Regional tournament starting yesterday through August 8.  With spruced up turf and Babe Ruth baseball logos stenciled into both sides of the field, the ballpark that fell into disrepair after the Surf departed in 2009 appears to be making a nice comeback.  Read more and view photo here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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6 responses to “Baseball Returns to The Sandcastle

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Must have had 2 windows open. That should not have posted here.

    Anyway. Backdoor panzi scheme? A scheme about flowers? Interesting….

  2. Ron

    These dumb blogs are full of people with little to no knowledge! Who was part of the NAL actually a league operator who created that backdoor panzi scheme? None of them! And DC Sports had no part in either league lol

  3. Edgardo

    Not so fast on the pro team in Long Beach my friend.

    • Ron

      You read too much into the blogs and media, this will work itself out, the school has a lease on the park and has no money as a university, they need a summer tennant to pay bills.

      • Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

        So why would they try with people possibly connected to the NAL who didn’t help them pay those said bills.

  4. Ron

    So funny this is on here, I spotted and was introduced to our friend Nick Desrosiers, the guy we all ran out of town on the Surf Fan Page, he was with Karin Deveney (former team GM), Earnest the man who runs the ballpark and former city councilman, and several other locals some of which I know bad mouthed him to the public. He and his new Indoor Professional Lacroase Team The New Jersey Rascals of Trenton, NJ sponsored the event, and I also spotted him getting a tour from Earnest. I for one was one of the first to bash him on the site, but I feel we gave him the anger we wanted to show Ventura Sports Group and Chris Carminucci! I for one now know he would have made it happen, now having a pro baseball team in Cali and a Arena Lacrosse team in Trenton.

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