Northwest League a No Go in Milwaukie, West Coast League Presented as Option

Milwaukie (OR) officials have announced that talks with the Single-A Northwest League to lure an existing franchise to a proposed new ballpark in town have come to a disappointing end.  Quite simply, there is no team availabe, because the Yakima Bears have chosen to relocate to Hillsboro (OR), and no other team in the league found the deal and/or market attractive enough to make a move. 

Kenny Asher, Milwaukie’s director of community development and public works, told city officials  that attracting a summer collegiate West Coast League team is a possibility, but Councilman Dave Hedges says he wouldn’t support settling for “second best.”

We think the West Coast League would be a great fit for Milwaukie.  The league is stable, strong, growing, and loaded with up-and-coming talent.  Going this route would substantially reduce risk by saving the city millions in construction costs, while bringing a high-level of baseball and the same fun and entertainment as any well-run minor-league team in America.  Councilman Hedges needs to put his city’s ego aside and do his homework about this league.  Read more here.

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