Historic Alumni Coliseum in Butte (MT) to Face Wrecking Ball

In sad news (although not unexpected based on our conversations with local officials over the past two years), Montana Tech has decided to tear down historic Alumni Coliseum in Butte (MT).

The field serves as the playing surface for both baseball and football, but the college disbanded its baseball program some time ago.  Money continues to be pumped into the football facility, including a fancy new scoreboard, and new field turf is expected to replace the natural playing surface.  Read more here.  Quite simply, the ballpark has become an annoyance (and an eyesore) for the college and the football program.

Click to Enlarge – Alumni Coliseum from BallparkHunter.com 2010

The stadium hosted Pioneer League ball (1978-2000) until the Butte Copper Kings departed for Casper (WY) after the 2000 season.  An interesting tidbit for those who didn’t already know, the team was actually once owned by the Goldklang Group (including Mike Veeck, actor/comedian Bill Murray, and St. Paul Saints executive vice president Tom Whaley).  Read more here.

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