Troubled Times for Rippers, League Engages

Beyond the beer license issue and attendance challenges at Labatt Park, the indy pro London Rippers (Frontier League) were recently evicted from their store in Market Tower for non-payment of rent.  The league has stepped up to help navigate the franchise through the challenges, but Commissioner Bill Lee says the circuit doesn’t have the money to take over the team.  Operating the Rippers as a travel squad for the rest of the season has not been ruled out.  Read more here.

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One response to “Troubled Times for Rippers, League Engages

  1. in the know

    Its a tossup who lost more of Dr. Kadry’s money-current minor owner(10%) who has portrayed himself as THE owner, GM and Field Manager , David Martin or Rob Hilliard-the genius the behind Oakland County Cruisers operations-Kadry has footed the bill for both. Both self proclaimed geniuses.

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