Rippers Cease Operations

Beset by money troubles as a result of low attendance, the indy pro London Rippers (Frontier League) have ceased operations.  The team will be replaced by a traveling club for the rest of the season.  Read more here.


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10 responses to “Rippers Cease Operations

  1. in the know

    Any team where the supposed “owner/general manager” names himself field manager also is a farce and an insult to guys who deserve to manage. The League is at fault for a) allowing him to do that b) not having any oversight over this sham from the beginning. Let me ask you this-after all of the negative reactions to the name if you were a potential corporate sponsor would you go near this thing? I doubt it.

    • ballparkbiz

      No, not at this juncture, but the naming switcheroo as suggested could have been handled in a fun and productive way. Obviously, the surrounding cluster compounded the problem.


  2. Spectator777

    The Rippers just did everything wrong. They should have got their own Liquor License or at least applied for one with the Ontario Liquor Control Board. They didn’t – they had months leading up to the season to do so. It’s not the Majors responsibility to give them theirs – that’s a clear liability.

    From their unwillingness to change the logo, to their ridiculous ‘winner take all challenge’ most Londoners (I am personally impartial) were happy to see this team and ownership group go. You can’t continually insult a community and demand their respect.

  3. As a fan that loves ballparks, these teams (and leagues) that go belly-up don’t bother me at all. In fact, I think the turmoil makes these leagues fascinating to follow. Besides that, I enjoy watching independent league games as the players are actually allowed to have some personality, unlike the affiliated leagues where the players all have to act like robots.

  4. Marc

    There are some great indy league franchises that have been successful for quite sometime: Somerset Patriots, Winnipeg Goldeyes, St. Paul Saints, Long Island Ducks, Gateway Grizzlies and KC T-Bones. Unfortunately, there are a few others who come and go-leaving a bad taste in your mouth. It is shame that London has had four teams exit he city in 18-years, but do the London Majors of the IBL have that much pull to expunge any team from playing at Labatt Park? If they hold the liquor license and have all the marketing inside the stadium, wouldn’t this be their objective? Have they replaced the warped sun bleached wooden seats?

    • Spectator777

      The Majors don’t own the in stadium rights. There was a crew of folks all season changing the signs in and around the stadium depending on who was in town. Their schedules were coordinated as such.

  5. I was just in London last week to visit Labatt Park. It looked really good, but all of the signs were about The Majors, with nothing about the Rippers. This is just one of several reasons I don’t follow the indy leagues very closely — teams (and sometimes entire leagues) come and go in the blink of an eye.

  6. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    It’s just a name used by road teams.

  7. Ballpark Fan

    At least the Road Warriors are back. Is this the first time they have played outside the Atlantic League?

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