Time to Move On in Ottawa?

Elizabeth Payne, a member of the Ottawa Citizen’s editorial board, believes it’s time to sell Ottawa Stadium.  Read more here.  As you would expect, ballpark and baseball proponent Ken “The Bulldog” Gray vehemently disagrees.  Read more here.  Beacon Sports says they remain on track to bring a Double-A Eastern League team to Ottawa in 2014.  We’ll see.


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6 responses to “Time to Move On in Ottawa?

  1. A-bro

    But see that’s precisely why I think a Canadian circuit or division would work so well in eastern Canada it would give the can-am a leg to stand on because they’ll have 3 maybe 4 new Canadian teams injected into the league. This is just hypothetical of course but I really see Easter Canada as where they need to turn to make the CanAm league a healthy Indy league option

  2. Paul

    It can be done. If you have four teams in the west & east, play 60 games within your division, and one road trip to the other division for 12 games. I could see the west teams joining the American Association but in my mind the CanAm League is in rough shape. I think Quebec might be in the same boat next season that Edmonton/Calgary are in now, and that’s without a league.

  3. amar

    i think the only problem with a canadian-wide indy ball circuit is the country is too large. the travel costs would be astronomical. i think it would be best if they focused their indy ball efforts more regionally. and alberta/saskatchewan league (calgary, edmonton, fot mac, saskatoon, regina, med hat) and an eastern Canada league (ottawa, london, montreal, quebec city, st. cathrines, tois rivieres). the best way to make that work is to pair it with other leagues alberta/sask with the american association and east can with can-am. of course this is all talk but i think the potential is really there for something like this in canada.

  4. Paul

    Both Ottawa and Edmonton built massive triple-A ballparks hoping to have triple-A for a long time but it never worked out. I know the ballpark in Edmonton is almost 20 years old but it looks like it’s not even 3 years old they take very good of it. People in Ottawa need to realize indy ball is the best ball Canada will probably see in the future it seems to work in Winnipeg and Quebec City and now in Edmonton. The right people running the team and skies the limit.

  5. Paul

    Like i’ve said before a all Independent Canadian League would work. I know Ottawa had triple-A before and then a indy team after that never really worked but the same thing happened in Edmonton and now there are very strong. With Fort McMurray & Montreal building ballparks in the future, and you already have Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Trois Riviers, and Quebec City and maybe Winnipeg this league could work. I know is been done before but I don’t think it had the proper support and the proper people running the league. Maybe even a Canadian division in the American Association…. I dunno but it should be a interesting off season again. Ottawa is to big of a city to not have affiliated baseball or a indy team.

  6. amar

    There are many in ottawa that completely disagree with Ms. Payne. Her editorial misconstrues and leaves out many facts. here are links to 2 rebuttals to ms. payne’s article. http://ofclitterbox.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/my-reply-to-time-to-wake-up-and-sell-field-of-dreams/ and http://ofclitterbox.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/re-time-to-wake-up-and-sell-field-of-dreams-guest-post-by-andrew-denny/.
    In my opinion i feel like the ottawa stadium group (owners of the ottawa fat cats) should look into the possibility of bringing in professional indy ball to the city. it was widely supported by fans when the can-am league was there. indy ball could be a great alternative to the AA franchise should beacon fail to get the deal done. And the ottawa stadium group have probably the best baseball operators ottawa has ever had.

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