Name, Logo Released for AWBL Expansion Franchise in Long Beach

PRESS RELEASE – Godfather Media, Inc. has unveiled the name and logo for American West Baseball League’s (AWBL) Long Beach member that will start its summer league in 2013. The team name for Long Beach will be the Long Beach Splash.  (Go to the team’s Facebook page here.)

Michael Cummings, Chief Executive Officer, commented on the logo and the name of the team. Mr. Cummings stated, “I am very pleased with the outcome of the logo — it has been done with class, shows professionalism and immediately lets the public know who the team is. I would also like to comment on the great strides that DC Sports and Entertainment has made in a short period of time — they are in the process of negotiating a lease for a stadium that the team can play at and call home. Also, DC Sports is in the process of hiring a team manager. AWBL will continue to update the public on the Long Beach Splash as well as other members and their progress.”

The American West Baseball League Founding Members are: Fullerton; Yuma, Arizona; Long Beach; San Diego; and Mesa, Arizona


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10 responses to “Name, Logo Released for AWBL Expansion Franchise in Long Beach

  1. Paul

    Just from observing the successful indy leagues( Atlantic League, American Association, and Frontier League) the AWBL at the latest better have it’s teams, stadiums, schedule all set in stone by November. If you look at the Atlantic League they release the schedule for the next year one week after that season is done. The American Association/Frontier League usually release it in October/November. The GBL/NAL had teams coming and going a month prior to the season. To bring credibility to the league things need to be done 5-6 months prior to the first pitch thrown. It gives teams a chance to sell tickets and market/promote it’s product. Will this happen, I have my doubts.

  2. Paul

    Irvine wow only a 10 min drive from Orange County, and a 40 min drive from Long Beach. The only way I could see them going to Irvine is if they can’t get a stadium deal in Orange County or Long Beach. I can’t see Tucson happening next season as triple-A is returning and will probably be back for 2014 as well if El Paso can’t get there shovels in the ground soon. What’s the deal with Henderson, the GBL/NAL always talked about going there but it never happend, I know the ballpark there is not suitable for indy baseball at all. As for Canada I assume your talking about Edmonton/Calgary. Those two teams were probably the best frachises the GBL/NAL ever had. As I understand Fort McMurray got a approvel for there ballpark so that makes three teams in Canada down the road and it wouldn’t be hard to find a fourth now that there is three. Other than Yuma this league is filled with college/spring training parks fans better pack the parks because if the teams don’t work out the proper lease and concessions etc it will be a tough go. It would be nice to see the league pop up in a couple different cities and build a couple ballparks. Every city the league is in now has failed, once some even twice.

  3. Ron

    I have been on them for months and I know they have a couple of teams in the works including; Irvine, Tucson, Henderson with the Canadian teams even interested in joining although I think the league is against that

  4. Paul

    I take it they will be playing games at California State University. I thought Albert Park was small in San Rafael, but CSUSM Baseball Field definitely tops Albert Park as the smallest indy baseball stadium (field) i’ve ever seen.

    Ron any news on who the 6th team might be? Do you think they will stick with six or go with eight for the 2013 season?

  5. Ron

    San Marcos I believe, Tony Gwynn and Co. is not cooperative with Tony Gwynn Stadium due to the bs pulled by the Surf Dawgs

  6. Where is the San Diego team playing then if not in San Diego?

  7. Edgardo

    Agreed very childish. Did the ownership group in Long Beach run a name the team contest/logo contest? If they didn’t it may have been a great way to engage fans, especially since pro baseball hasn’t been played in Long Beach since 2009. Why is this league releasing all the details about teams at different times. Why not release everything at one time, when you know you have six teams or eight teams that have ownership groups and ballparks. Somebody mentioned before that San Diego was awarded a team but they can’t play in San Diego? This league has horrible marketing, but it’s no surprise with the people who are involved.

  8. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Maybe it’s me but that looks like a logo you’d see on a Jamba Juice or something and not a baseball team.

  9. Ron

    I like it, although if you look at the Facebook page, the colors are a bit darker on the logo posted here.

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