Pecos League Extends Lease in Alamogordo

PRESS RELEASE – The Pecos League has agreed to a two year extension with the City of Alamogordo. The Pupfish will play in Griggs Park 2013-2014 seasons. “We are committed to stay in Alamogordo indefinitely. It is the best city in our league by far.” says Pecos League Commisioner Andrew Dunn.

The City of Alamogordo has jumped at the opportunity to have pro baseball in their town. Since day one they have been improving Griggs Park with limited and creative resources. The Pecos League has hosted both All-Star Games in Alamogordo and also hosts league tryout camps there. The Pupfish will soon have a minor redesign on their logo/uniforms. The team is currently tied for last place and has never got things in gear this year, but the off the field commitment from the City of Alamogordo is second to none. The Pecos League will be announcing other cities for the 2013 season over the next three months. The Pecos League is expected to stay in the exact six cities that are playing in 2012 with possibility of adding teams for 2012 season.


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8 responses to “Pecos League Extends Lease in Alamogordo

  1. I saw this article and I am not one to comment, this is in response to Barry from Alpine who wrote a book in his article..
    my name is Courtney and I am a huge fan of the Roswell Invaders, I go when I can but I follow pretty tightly…Our team is great the league is great…Jason is not a player who got cut but one of the former managers who didn’t get invited back I heard them barking almost the same comments when they were here………………………………….

    Probably one the Roswell Coaches..or the Alamogordo coach who went through 100 players who was our coach the year before… No one wanted him back even though he won the league, he is friends with the owner that is only reason he got a job…..They are the only ones who would care to make such a comment, players don’t know what is going on….We have had two bad runs of coaches here in Roswell and we hope for great year this year…………………..

    .I am a supporter of the Roswell Invaders and we have 100’s of players begging to play for us (and we make them wear lime green pants)…The Pecos League has been the best thing that has been here in 10 years…I saw the chair deal and everything, but this deal is solid for our community, we are very isolated and glad to have them… I don’t understand what he is saying about holding players back, we had a player sign with the Yankees and the Commissioner/Owner let him go with no fee from Yankees… Plus everyweek they are sending players to other teams and last year the Diablos took our best coach in the season!!!

    Invaders in 2013 you can count on it!!!

  2. MikeG

    There will always be “JASONS” until you actually have to prove who you are to comment on this site. The Pecos League does their thing and good for them. Folks need to stop trying to tear down every story and every league.

  3. TOM

    Jason, You say you would never play in the league then why are you so worried about how it is ran? Was you a coach?…LOL. No, the Pecos League is not perfect but what league is? Even teams in the American Association have issues.
    The Pecos League does not have all the fancy fields/stadiums or very good pay but what it does offer is a chance for over looked players or rookies a chance to showcase their talents and get picked up. The league in 2 years has helped move up around 150 players to higher levels of play while around 6 of them were to affiliated teams. Obviously, these guys are grateful for a league like the Pecos where they have an opportunity to showcase their talents because without the Pecos League would any of those 150 ish players been seen??? Maybe…Maybe not!!!

  4. john

    Jason is an idiot. 3 players were picked up by major league organizations last year alone. Who knows how many more went to higher level independent teams that would have never gotten the opportunity otherwise. Jason obviously doesn’t get it which is why he has negative things to say. The people who get it will go to the pecos league and be the sucessful while jason is playing in beer league softball games and siting on the couch.

  5. jason

    @Karl No I didn’t get cut I would never play in that league and I have friends that play in that league and they told me how bad it is. Pecos leagues ends dreams and careers it is a big joke, you should tryout for the league and you will find out for yourself

  6. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    You haven’t? I hope that was sarcasm.

  7. Karl

    Just curious, did you get cut by a PL team? Because, I have not seen these complaints before.

  8. jason

    This is the worst league ever, players have to drive there own cars, pay for gas and when they are on the road they don’t get meal money so you have to get everything out of pocket You lose money playing in this league. Players get 50 dollars a week and expected to survive off of that the whole summer. The fields are terrible and the league is ran horribly, the league holds players back from moving up to higher leagues just so the teams can win and when the season is over the league sends guys up with a month left into higher leagues season, its a big joke and the Pecos league won’t be around much longer. Hope they make the best of it while it’s here. Worst league ever

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