Astros to Nix Choo Choo?

As the Houston Astros prepare to rebrand and move to the American League, owner Jim Crane is reportedly considering removing the train at Minute Maid Park to apparently make room for 12 new ad signs.  Okay, so we have to admit we haven’t experienced the stadium first hand, but it seems to us that removing such a unique and nifty feature is a bad move.  However, we’ll leave it to the fans to voice their concerns.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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3 responses to “Astros to Nix Choo Choo?

  1. Karl

    Been there, and the train is completely stupid. I understand it Union Station was an old train station, but the train is junk. There is nothing niifty about it, and to say taking it out is a bad move means you know nothing about it.

    • Lyle Smith

      I disagree with Karl. It’s kitschy for sure, but it adds something to the family environment that permeates Minute Maid Park. Children seem to like it even if it is an abomination to the baseball purist. And children are paying customers.

      Hope they keep it and Tal’s Hill too.

    • ballparkbiz

      My experience with Minute Maid Park has only been external, but I know plenty about ballpark features and amenities that can provide the necessary atmosphere, feel, and fun to keep non-baseball purists coming back for more, as Lyle suggests. I can tell you that I would be pretty fired up, if the Double-A Portland Sea Dogs (Eastern League) decided to remove their hydrolic home-run lighthouse ( or the Milwaukie Brewers took down Bernie Brewer’s slide ( Myabe the Astros need a blasting home-run rocket.


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