Start-Up IBL Adds to Front Office

PRESS RELEASE – The Interstate Baseball League is proud to announce the addition of Patrick Glory to the front office team as the league’s new broadcast and Media Relations director for the inaugural 2013 season. Patrick brings six years of broadcasting experience as a play by play broadcaster for professional baseball, basketball, and football, as well as at the high school and college level.

Patrick’s experience in both baseball operations and media relations should serve the league well in the next coming months. Patrick will oversee the team’s broadcasting services, organize daily stats and information, update the league social media sites, and write and distribute featured information for the league. In addition to baseball, Patrick has experience in Independent League sports having worked previously in indoor football for two different leagues. Please welcome us as we join Patrick Glory to the IBL front office.


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5 responses to “Start-Up IBL Adds to Front Office

  1. Ron

    I could not agree more, and it looks like a poor operation when you have 2000 people in a 9,000-12,000 seat spring training stadiums. If baseball has to be played in Arizona then I think it should be played in some of the suburbs of Phoenix where Spring Training is occupied, if I am not mistaken, there is a half built ballpark in Chandler, AZ a PERFECT location for baseball. Other then that, the AWBL I would like to see them jump into the Henderson, NV market, but only with the intention on building new ballparks, the only way this league will last is if they can find a way to get past the GBL/NAL way of throwing franchises into abandoned minor league ballparks from the 70s and 80s and decent college facilities. In order to land the sponsorship, season ticket sales and fully take of each market is to prove to the general public that they will be around for the long run, not change ownership or go under every other year.


  2. Ron


    My guess is this league has even less a chance of the AWBL that everyone seems to be all over. They have taken more steps backwards then forward.


    • ballparkbiz

      With a name change from Gulf Coast Baseball League, a willingness to launch a Pacific Northwest division, and two teams taken off the roster before the league even gets off the ground, there are indeed red flags. Same goes for the Ulitmate Baseball League (, which has had no new news in a long time and moved from markets like Canton (OH) and Johnstown (PA) to Florida. Quite frankly, I just don’t get the continued fascination with Florida and Arizona. Spring training rules, it’s brutally hot in the summer, and there is too much competition for other things to do. This all equates to greater risk.


  3. ballparkbiz

    We believe this is the same Patrick Glory:

    Still no teams listed, after the two originally-announced franchises were pulled. We remain skeptical that this circuit will successfully get off the ground, but we will continue to monitor developments.


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