20th Anniversary: The Staying Power of the Chillicothe Paints

The Chillicothe Paints will celebrate their 20th anniversary today at V.A. Memorial Stadium.  This is quite a feat, considering the Paints were one of the original franchises in the start-up Frontier League in 1993, which, along with the Northern League, launched the modern day independent professional circuits.  As  the Frontier League outgrew Chillicothe, a small community of about 22,000 in south central Ohio, the Paints helped lead the effort to form the more economically-viable summer collegiate Prospect League in 2008, where the team plays today.   Read more here.

We visited Chillicothe back in 2002, and V.A Memorial is a great little park in a market that is the right fit for a strong summer collegiate circuit like the Prospect League.

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