Milwaukie (OR) Still in the Game, But What Team?

The Portland suburb of Hillsboro muscled ahead of Milwaukie in the ballpark sweepstakes to lure a Single-A Northwest League franchise.  Despite Hillsboro’s success in snagging the Yakima Bears, Milwaukie expects to secure commitments for a team and a stadium site by the city’s self-imposed July 31, 2012 deadline.  Read more here.  The Tri-City Dust Devils in Pasco (WA) would appear to be the most likely target, provided territorial hurdles and otherwise could be overcome.


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4 responses to “Milwaukie (OR) Still in the Game, But What Team?

  1. Eric

    Thanks for all the updates regarding this issue! However, I’m pretty sure the Tri-City Dust Devils are not looking to move. As far as I can tell, that speculation is based solely on comparitive attendance statistics. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

    • ballparkbiz

      Speculation always begins with attendance numbers, quality of the facility, comparing markets, and the process of elimination, but there’s a little more than just speculation here. That said, let’s keep in mind that a team could be a target, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a team will do anything beyond entertaining a direct or indirect pitch. Flirting doesn’t always lead to dinner, let alone a long term relationship.

      We know more than we can discuss, but don’t be surprised to see Milwaukie left out in the cold without an existing franchise available for relocation. This will force them to pull the plug on the project or look for a more economical option. For those speculating about the Boise Hawks, there is no way they would voluntarily walk away from the Treasure Valley market.


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