Godfather Media Makes AWBL Appointments

Godfather media has announced that attorney Michael L. Leyva, has been named General Counsel and Edward A. Wong has been named Controller for the developing indy pro American West Baseball League.  Both are former partners in the defunt indy pro St. George Roadrunners (Golden Baseball League) and Hot Corner Baseball, LLC.  Read Godfather press releases here and here.


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5 responses to “Godfather Media Makes AWBL Appointments

  1. Ron

    It seems to me, all they do is find a way to bash, but have said very little about the Pecos League, Freedom League, Can-Am League, etc. the Can-Am League had a crooked cop as one team owner in Newark who laundered drug money. Or hey why not talk about the GBL which turned into the NAL which the guys on top Kaval and Outcalt both disappeared again, and have turned their backs on owners once again, and hopefully for the last time.

  2. This is a little late, so do you have something against the AWBL? And who cares.

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