Former Expos Gather for Pro Baseball in Montreal

Member of the division winning 1981 Montreal Expos are gathering June 14-16 in Montreal for charity and a reunion put together by the Warren Cromartie-led Montreal Baseball Project, an organization dedicated to honoring former players and bringing pro baseball back to Montreal.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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6 responses to “Former Expos Gather for Pro Baseball in Montreal

  1. timmy

    Viva La France ! Viva Montreal !
    It was the strike that killed the fan base !
    Ban Selig to Siberia & make Spaceman Bill Lee Commish !

  2. danrodriguez804

    I don’t think Las Vegas would work. Hey, I bet if Baghdad offered to build the A’s a new ballpark, they’d consider it. They’re in a bad situation. Montreal is a major league city that couldn’t afford to compete. That would alienate any fanbase. Peter Gammons wrote an article a few years back how the perfect location for a ballclub, although he was talking about the Rays, would be central NJ. I agree but Mets, Yanks and Phils would never allow that.

    • Ron

      Gammons also stated that CT would be great, but Yankees, Mets and Sox would block. I think both team have to move…no doubt. Not sure why you believe Charlotte won’t get a team it’s a top 15 city, and is more then 2.5 hours to either Atlanta or Washington DC, could be a perfect location! The media coverage that can be controlled could work out to be one of the largest in MLB

  3. Paul

    Neither Charlotte, Portland or Vegas will ever have MLB, same for Montreal

  4. Ron Indy Freak

    They didn’t support the Expos why would the A’s return to an already failed market. In my mind enough with the old failed markets lets try something new, I am pro Las Vegas or Charlotte. Portland is a great market but the fail to support any team and pretty much told the Portland Beavers to leave.

  5. Danrodriguez804

    Hope this happens. Maybe they could even lure the A’s

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