Councilmen: Are We Giving San Jose Giants Bullets to Shoot Us?

San Jose city officials are pondering why the city is giving the Single-A San Jose Giants (California League) such a sweet $1,000 per month deal to lease Municipal Stadium, when the organization is part of the “Stand for San Jose” group, which is fighting to oppose a new ballpark in San Jose for the Oakland A’s.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “Councilmen: Are We Giving San Jose Giants Bullets to Shoot Us?

  1. Ron

    I would actually like to see them move to Portland or Las Vegas, although Vegas I don’t think could help because too many players could be tempted or vulnerable in sin city.

  2. Paul

    The A’s want to move to S.J. without having to compensate the Giants for invading their territory (that A’s ownership ceded so that they could monopolize the north bay market – including S.F. – when the Giants were trying to move to S.J.). The A’s never formally asked for the the territory back and the Giants have aggressively marketed that area to their benefit while the A’s sat on their hands. Why would the Giants willingly allow a weak competitor to strengthen themselves and hurt their own business?
    A’s are now using S.J. politicians as their surrogates to get what they want since their media surrogates have been unable to change the situation.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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