Awesome Sports Logos You May Have Never Seen?

Gavin Spittle from Sport Radio 610 in Houston has put together his list of  “Awesome Sports Logos You May Have Never Seen.”  Baseball logos making the list include the Modesto Nuts, Lansing Lugnuts, Montgomery Biscuits, defunct Joliet Jackhammers, Brockton Rox, Old Orchard Beach Raging Tide, and Corpus Christi Hooks.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the story.


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3 responses to “Awesome Sports Logos You May Have Never Seen?

  1. This story reminds me of a brand-new book that just hit bookstores last month. It’s written by a friend of mine, Tim Hagerty. It’s all about the funny nicknames that Minor League Baseball teams have or had. It’s called “Root for the Home Team.” It’s a lot of fun.

  2. red and navy = "yup, we have that"

    As a former Rox staffer sort-of in charge of merchandise, I’ll attest that ordering souvenirs is a nightmare when your team colors are brown and “jade” – beyond t-shirts, nobody has those colors in stock on anything, ever.

  3. ballparkbiz

    Speaking of the Brockton Rox logo, I love the fact that the current owners included boxing gloves in the new moniker. This should have been done by the original owners in the original logo. But, I hate the fact that they changed the colors from the team’s very unique original colors of brown and teal. And, hey, and I’m a die-hard Red Sox Fan!


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