Fair, Mat-Su Miners Sign Long-Term Lease Agreement

PRESS RELEASE – The Mat-Su Miners have called Hermon Brothers Field on the Alaska State Fairgrounds home since 1976 and, under a recently signed lease agreement, they’ll be calling it home for many years to come.

The new agreement, which was signed by both the Miners and the Fair on February 17, 2012, allows the Miners continued use of Hermon Brothers Field at the cost of just $1 a year through April 30, 2025. At that time, the lease can be extended for an additional five years through April 30, 2030.

“Baseball was one of the first activities associated with the Fair. Having the Miners here ties us to the roots of the original Fair,” said Ray Ritari, Fair general manager. “The Miners have been here since 1976, and there is no intent of them ever leaving.”

“The Mat-Su Miners and the Fair are working together in the same direction,” said Denise Christopher, the Miners’ marketing and community relations director. “This agreement shows the longevity of our relationship. It shows that they’re not going anywhere and we’re not going anywhere.”

Christopher added that the long-term lease will help the Miners obtain more grants to do additional events and co-promotions with the Fair.

“There are lots of fun things for fans to look forward to,” she said. “The Miners want to have more of a presence at the Fair, and we want the Fair to have more presence at the games.”

“It opens up opportunities for the future,” Ritari added.

While the agreement calls for only a $1 a year in rent, Christopher said the Miners look for ways to add value through in-kind contributions. For example, the Miners allow the Fair to use the team’s 15-passenger vans and the bleachers during the Fair. The team is also donating two ATCO trailers, which the Fair plans to use for storage.

“We help each other,” Christopher said. “It’s a give and take thing, and it works.”

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