No Baseball at Fair Grounds Field in 2012

We have known this for some time, but there will be no summer collegiate baseball at Shreveport’s Fair Grounds Field in 2012.  As you recall, the indy pro Shreveport-Bossier Captains (American Association) were sold and moved to Laredo (TX) last year.  A plan by the Captains ownership to launch a new summer collegiate league and place a team in Shreveport was put on ice when it ran into legal trouble with the summer collegiate Texas Collegiate League.  Read more here.


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7 responses to “No Baseball at Fair Grounds Field in 2012

  1. Dan

    SIB now must sell their Amarillo team to the Ysleta Del Sur pueblo…BTW fall baseball in Shreveport anyone? College and high school spring training optional.

  2. Paul

    Who Cares! SIB Group is nothing but a bunch of under acheivers with no money…poorest leadership in baseball in Grand Prairie and Amarillo.

  3. Karl

    I could understand this if they are working on a league when currently part of one. But these guys have not been part of the league in years. Seriously, if you are no longer part of an orginazation, why would you not be allowed to branch off and start your own. None of the name cities are part of the TCL, I doubt a person living in the Weatherford or Mineral wells area drives to games in the TCL. Sounds like the league did not care about the kids!!

    • Gil

      Karl, the TCL would have not cared if the HOFL would have not had interest in Tyler or Shreveport. Both are places the TCL want. If they had choose say Brownwood and Stephenville the TCL would have not cared and the HOFL would be starting play. It’s the American way, when somebody gets something you want, threaten to sue them!!

  4. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    If I had people working for me on a project like this, I’d have non compete clauses too. It’s not like they’re setting up a league in California, this is right next door to them.

  5. Karl

    Non – compete agreements? Sounds like the TCL did not have the players best interests in their minds when threatening legal action if former TCL members started a league. Sorry kids, and the proposed communities, we do not want competition, so we will try to take out a league using old non compete agreements. Way to create a monoply TCL!!!!

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