Group Secures Rights for Long Beach Franchise in New League

The start-up American West Baseball League has announced that DC Sports & Entertainment, LLC led by Nicholas Desrosiers has secured the rights to a new franchise in Long Beach (CA).  We assume the target ballpark is Blair Field.  Read press release here.  As you recall, Desrosiers was involved with the failed effort to secure investors and bring a team to Atlantic City (NJ).


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14 responses to “Group Secures Rights for Long Beach Franchise in New League

  1. RVB

    this guy is a fraud

  2. Ron

    I would like to see what they do, with all the things going down with the Professional Lacrosse League, I don’t blame him for pulling out, it was noted that the league had many issues, including possibly not having insurance or the very means to see it through, Desrosiers had the support of his Arena through the process as well. With the AWBL, again I want to see what they do, they are all very aware of the NAL and GBL means of operation and they hopefully will see the wrong and make things right.

  3. John

    Just curious on to which SUCCESSFUL team(s) Mr. Desrosiers has had? You can’t say the Long Beach Splash because they haven’t done anything yet. Same to the New Jersey Rascals, we’re talking about a owner who pulled the pin on the other teams in league prior to th start of the season. This guy reminds me a lot like the people running the AWBL, they fit perfectly together. It’s not going to take long for people to figure out how bad of ownership the league is along with it’s teams. Talk to any player that’s played at a high level, they know from day one when they walk in the doors to a organization if it’s bad or not. People aren’t stupid. I’ve heard more bad things about Nick and the AWBL then good. Some of it has to be true.

    • Ron

      Not sure what or if this is even all the same Nick Desrosiers, because the Nick I know is pretty well known in business, this Nick had investigations conducted due to people calling about the Atlantic City Situation and they found nothing out of sorts…this Nick has had no issue buying league memberships, working with various leagues and team owners, etc doesn’t sound like the same guy…again unlike most of you I have made an effort to reach out to he and his group and I hope to soon be working with them!

  4. Russ

    Nicholas Desrosiers is nothing but a scam artist, thief and all around scumbag. His favorite past time is trolling Craigslist to find items for sale and pretends that he is a rich guy with tons of money. A friend of mine got scammed by this loser when he asked to use the item overnight and left a personal check with a promise to bring cash the next day. Guess what….the check was fake and my friend never got the cash. As for the item…….Mr. Desrosiers pawned it the next day…..nice huh!!! I second everything posted by Danielle above!!

  5. Danielle

    I hope that any person that Nicholas is asking to invest realizes that he is all over the internet as a scam artist and has had several company name changes because once he is found out as a scammer he changes the name of his company. Look up Adelina Inc. He is a 23 year old that still lives with his parents and never graduated high school. He will fail. He is being investigated by many state agencies.

  6. Ron

    I don’t know guys all I know is it’s done and as of right now they are part of the speculative league, if it happens and they can produce an actual product then fine they did it. If he along with the rest of the league fails to even come together then I guess that’s it.

  7. This is funny :

    “His most recent position was in Connecticut with Silk City Ventures, LLC – a full service business advisory firm where he and his colleagues worked on the sale, financing and development of several professional sports teams and leagues across the country. ”

    Can anyone confirm whether Silk City actually worked for any professional teams ?

  8. Ron

    Regardless of what was said or done, point is he has a team and Atlantic City sadly being from Philadelphia and loving the shore, will continue to have nothing :(

    • Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

      Guess it depends on how you look at it. Having a team would mean in an actual league. They are not a league…yet. If they do become one.

  9. Danrodriguez804

    Secure investors? He was looking for suckers to dupe. Silk City Ventures, the prestigious organization with no address and the info-less website.

  10. Ron

    I was a member of the AC fan page, and I was hoping an announcement for the Surf would have been made like this. I wish them the best I just would have much rather seen something going on in AC

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