Beacon Sports Confirms No Double-A Baseball in Ottawa for 2013

Beacon Sports of Boston confirmed today that the group will not be seeking a Double-A Eastern League team to play at Ottawa Stadium in 2013 because time has run out to finalize a lease agreement and secure all the necessary approvals to purchase and relocate an existing franchise.  Beacon would still like to continue lease negotiations with the city for a 2014 start.  Read more here.  The parties have been operating under a non-binding memorandum of understanding.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Beacon Sports Confirms No Double-A Baseball in Ottawa for 2013

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Toronto doesn’t own the team. They can’t just move the team. But if the team was to move to Ottawa I can’t see any reason why the Jays wouldn’t want the affiliation there.

  2. Peter

    I wonder if the Toronto Blue Jays would ever consider moving there triple-A team from Las Vegas to Ottawa. They Jays always talk about being Canada’s team, and they placed a single-A team in Vancouver last year, so spreading another minor league team in Canada might work. I know triple-A never work in Ottawa before, but if they Jays were involved, I think triple-A would work again in a city like Ottawa. They have the facility, they just need the right people to run the franchise. If not look for the Jays to be in Buffalo next season.

    • Paul

      The Jays are more interested in Buffalo for AAA, the PDC with the Mets ends in the fall. Ottawa isn’t a strong enough market for anybody’s AAA.

  3. Does this mean Binghamton is safe? Maybe Beacon Sports never had a deal in place? Or will Binghamton still lose team?

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