NAL’s Southern Division Now United

We noticed that the indy pro North American League’s Southern Division is now listed as the United Division.  As this whole Frankenleague experiment — born out of desperation, not inspiration — evolves, we could certainly see the Texas teams reverting back to the old United League Baseball brand, if the Northern Division of the NAL fails to stabilize.  The Edinburg Roadrunners are still using the old ULB logo in their website’s header, and recent articles about the expansion Abilene Prairie Dogs here and San Angelo Colts here still refer to the ULB as the circuit for these teams.


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4 responses to “NAL’s Southern Division Now United

  1. Gil

    Just found this on from a poster:
    “Well, I got a ticket to the Cats’ home opener a week from tonight. From what I’m hearing from people in the know over there (and when they tell me these things, they DO come to pass, so accuracy is not a problem with these folks) they haven’t sold but only a few hundred tickets for the home opener. The last remaining person who worked for the Cats in the past just quit and advised us that the people who do show up are going to wish it was like last year, as bad as that was, in comparison.”

    Guess we will know next week how things from the new “Flagship” franchise of the NAL / ULB are going..

    • Does Wanda still work there? Thinking about seeing the Cats play this week!

    • Karl

      Looking at the Cats web site, the ticket sales are very low.. The 3rd base side has not sold many seats, the first base side is not half full, and the good seats are maybe half full.. I would say less than 850 tickets sold not including general admission.

  2. Gil

    With the Hall of Fame Baseball League dead, you have to wonder if the ULB or whatever its called will try to get Shreveport. I hate to see the Captains remain dark, as I always enjoyed Fair Grounds Field.

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