Trinidad Triggers, Santa Fe Fuego Make Debut

The expansion indy pro Trinidad Triggers (Pecos League) made their home debut against the league’s other expansion franchise — the Santa Fe Fuego — at Central Park last Tuesday.  Read more hereView photos here.  The two teams met again the following night at Fort Marcy Park for Santa Fe’s inaugural home opener.  Read more hereView photos here.


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10 responses to “Trinidad Triggers, Santa Fe Fuego Make Debut

  1. IndyFan

    The Pecos League is a joke. Andrew Dunn charges five players on each team $2,000 to play “professional” baseball for the summer. It is a complete and utter disgrace to indy ball. And have you seen the fields? Certainly not professional quality!!! They play at public park rec fields and the talent level is something I’d never pay for to watch again. Just look at the football score from the first week in Santa Fe. They aren’t because of “high fueled offenses at high elevations”, they’re high scoring because the players cannot throw strikes and the fielders do not field. This league needs to be killed before Andrew Dunn extorts another players $2,000 and puts it on the field as “professional” baseball…

    • amar

      Who is willing to pay $2000 to play?

      • IndyFan

        Bad players who are desperate to play “professional” baseball. They guarantee 12 games for the people who play $2,000 and they cannot be cut from the team all year. Sad thing is they list these players on the roster like they’re some regular old player. Thus the fans have to witness someone who is not professional caliber play in 12 games, and there’s FIVE of these players per team. Paid bills or not, this is no greater than a wood bat mens league. Andrew Dunn has made a mockery of independent ball. It’s tarnishing the great image put in place by the Atlantic League and American Association I can tell you that. Especially when players are asked to pay to play. On a higher note the Roswell GM divorced her husband after he found out she was having an affair with a Roswell Invaders player. And then the player moved into the house. I know 2 people who played at Roswell last year and they told me this story. Avoid the pecos league at all costs…

    • Gil

      They have sent over 30 players to higher leagues in the last year. I agree the parks they play at are poor, but the region they play in is a dirt poor region. I dont understand why a league would go into New Mexico to set up shop when Denton,Tx, W. Falls,Tx, Gainsville,Tx, Sherman,Tx, Duncan,Ok, Shreveport,La and Monroe,La amongst others have better facilities, higher population, and more money. But they have found a nice nitche in NM, and they pay their bills (alot of leagues cannot say that), so I respect what they do, just not agree with it all.

  2. The Baseball Traveler

    But they’re not an Indy League in the same vein as the AA or the Atlantic League. They are one or two levels below that, basically one level above a beer league. And there’s a place for that kind of a league. And they found it.

    Best of luck, Pecos League!

  3. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Well you do have that Dunn incident…chair…

  4. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    They see 600 and 700 as a good turnout for opening night. Good luck to them.


      The League is a eye sore to Indy ball. I am still up in the air about Freedom League. That league might close the door on Indy ball in Arizona for ever.

      • Gil Renard

        Eye sore?? I have not heard about them not paying bills, I have not heard about them not making payroll to players, coaches or front office staff. They are the lowest level, players make little, but it is providing a home to many players that get to the next level, and they provide baseball to communities that would never dream about having baseball. It is like town ball or old Class D league. The Pecos has found a nitche and I applaud them for their work!!

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