Godfather Media Launches New League, Agency

Hot on the heels of pulling the Yuma Panthers and Fullerton Flyers out of the indy pro North American League and taking them dark for 2012, Godfather Media, Inc. has announced the formation of the American West Baseball League (AWBL).

The new circuit, billed as a “Professional Minor Baseball Minor League,” will operate during the summer, and as an instructional league in the fall and winter.  The league will sell franchises in select markets.  In addition to Yuma (AZ) and Fullerton (CA), Godfather claims to have franchisees or interested parties in San Diego (CA), Palm Springs (CA), Mesa (AZ), Long Beach (CA), Irvine (CA), and Henderson (NV). 

Godfather also announced that it has launched a professional athlete and coach representation agency called Elite Representation Associates (ERA).

As we have in the past, we’ll maintain a watchful eye on Godfather Media and keep you posted as the story develops.


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15 responses to “Godfather Media Launches New League, Agency

  1. Ron Indy Freak!

    I guess we will have to see how it goes! Who knows the crap written about him could be from any pissed off person he could have come across, I have never heard of him but with all of this will hold judgement, there have been questionable owners throughout minor league baseball (see Tom Cetner, New Bears Owners, Everyone from the GBL, NAL lol

  2. JP

    Wait till you see who the owner is in Long Beach. Just Google his name all the info is there. Hahahahaha

  3. JP

    I hope this league goes through in 2013, just so we can have something to talk about. This league is bound to fail, just like XnE or whatever it was called. The cities they mentioned for possible franchises have failed terribly in the past. You can take a year or two off to get sponsorships, fans etc… but when the league is ran wrong from the top, how is it supposed to succeed. If they think they will make money off of Independent Baseball they have another thing coming. Why keep throwing good money after bad. I can’t wait to see the list of cities, and staff that will be named. With the NAL on the rocks this season, I was starting to wonder if we would have something to talk about, and I guess now we do thanks to the AWBL hahahaha.

  4. Ron Indy Freak!

    I guess we will have to wait and see…from my understanding current ownership made a lot of promises with hawaii and maui as well and has failed to follow through.

  5. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Atlantic League ballparks? Ok let’s not go overboard. If someone does research and finds what they did with those previous teams then why would they risk it. Some guys try and fail but they burned Hawaii into the ground and now they want the winter league and all that too…

    How can they prove it’s a long term investment with what happened in Hawaii?

    No travel to Canada doesn’t make it a smart move when those would probably be the only stable franchises in the league. $100,000 is not a huge sum for teams that actually market and draw more customers than flies. And if they did it right then they would have it set where you can hit all the teams in that area on one trip then go back later instead of random series here and there.

    Not going to go on a rant here…

    Sounds like the NAL is reborn. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  6. Maybe if people actually took a look at the “slow and steady pace” that Cummings is making his approach on with this new league, then everyone could see a well-developed plan in the making; ultimately leaving this league as a business and organizational success. The West Coast contains some of the most dense populated areas in America, and having something like the AWBL, being ran with the right mindset (like Cummings not bringing Hawaii into the mix as to avoid such traveling costs that will mount to 100,000 dollars and plus) to these places will allow for a great revenue potential and fun event package for all. The actual methods being currently used by Godfather Media Incorporated is that of smart business strategy, and far from the previous “get-up and go” concept of the GBL and NAL. This will be a bigger success, with help from such subsidiaries as Elite Representation Associates, than most probably imagine currently. The believers will make money off that wonderful “underdog ratio”, the fans will be ecstatic about the product given, players will benefit in experience and signings, while all of the disbelievers and “nay-sayers” will merely look on with their mouths to the floor and their hair in a twist.

    • Ron Indy Freak!

      First, happy memorial day, let us remember all of those who have served and who are currently serving our great nation. Secondly, I could not agree more with the post above. Michael Cummings, like any investor took a shot in Hawaii and whats not to like, winter ball and college as well as affiliated ball had its fair share of success with baseball and its a nice resources to lure international players, and there is very limited competition, so is there others who would have taken the same shot? YES! Clearly however, Michael learned his lesson, he found out there was no shot for favorable leases on the Big Island as well as various LIMITED other parks, and he realized the travel both to Canada and Hawaii was out of the question for the time being, SMART! Like said above I think there are GREAT markets in California, Nevada, Arizona, etc. however I think taking the year to secure long term league sponsors, fans, vendors, etc is the right approach. I also believe with the right people involved and the resources out west in various corporate markets, I think it would be wise to emulate the financial model of the Frontier League, while emulating the growth model of the Atlantic League. I think they need to get away from the High School/College/American Legion or Abandoned Run Down Spring Training Ballparks. And find a way to construct suitable ballparks with the amenities of the Atlantic League or the old Northern League where it proves to the corporate base of each market and the fans within that this is a long term investment, and that these teams figure to be run as a community staple creating jobs, and not the panzi scheme of the David Kaval, Kevin Outcalt operation NAL, GBL where it was just to own as many league run teams and flip them for cash. This can be done and I think it will prove valuable to both the league and the markets as with great year round whether conditions they can use each venue for year round events. I am going to give this a chance before I bash Michael or any of those involved. I am looking forward to seeing what markets they do end up with for the 2013 season and how they move forward in taking advantage of this 2012 developmental year.

  7. The Baseball Traveler

    Same old Golden League. Same old problems. This area is ripe for summer collegiate ball. Somebody should tell them about this brand of ball. It’s good baseball, and won’t break the bank like pro baseball does.

  8. Ron Indy Freak

    12 affiliates, and being the state with the most affiliates considering the state runs from the east coast equivalent of Massachusetts to Florida. Cummings ran Maui into the ground…however, that was doomed for failure in the first place and not sure why it was even a member franchise travel alone cost over $100k. Not a lot of faith, just some faith, although some of that dropped this evening when they announced their Commissioner (a former Golden Baseball League team owner and one of the founding members of the league). That shows me this will be no different, I will wait not until the Atlantic League makes way west.

    • Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

      When I heard Godfather Media, the first thing I thought was GBL 2. Nothing else.

      Atlantic West may not happen if they need 4 in Texas first plus 8 secure in the east which they do have Loundon and Malden on deck. And it may have just been talk. They don’t have to go all the way to Cali.

  9. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Where are these strong operational groups? Isn’t Cummings the guy who ran Maui into the ground and that’s why they were sold.

    Handful of affiliates in California? I have to find my list but don’t they have the most affiliates of any state…

    You have a lot of faith in this though I’m not sure why.

  10. Ron Indy Freak

    I doubt it they left the GBL/NAL Outcalt/Kaval bullshit scheme because of the lack of care, failure to follow through on promises and overall neglect to the franchise owners. Do I think Godfather Media has their work cut out for them? HELL YES! But do I think with the right model that the west coast can be very successful? YES I DO! considering there is only a handful of affiliates in the state of California and several great markets, I do see this as something that can be done given, there are very strong operational groups in place that plan to grow the league out of old high school/college parks. Looking forward to further announcements. I have faith!

  11. Spectator777

    Let’s just hope they aren’t subscribing to the same book of running an indy pro league as most of these other start-ups. Some of those communities have been force fed the same kool-aid about getting an indy team for years I will be incredibly suprised to see a lot of support for this league. Especially given the recent frequency of failed start-ups. I know I am personally becoming pretty calloused to these press releases as of late.

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