Tornadoes Trim Debt by $470K

When Todd Breighner bought the indy pro Worcester Tornadoes (Can-Am League) after the 2009 season, he had to absorb $500,000 in debt from the previous owners.  After two seasons, that figure has apparently been whittled down to $30,000.  Maybe the ‘Nadoes are in better financial shape than some believe.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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3 responses to “Tornadoes Trim Debt by $470K

  1. amar

    What about the possibility of Worcester and Quebec City and any other successful Can-am location merging with the atlantic league? just a thought, considering the article posted earlier about the Atlantic League looking to expand.

  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Don’t know where you heard some of this stuff from. Ottawa is gunning for AA which has been big news. Atlantic City is looking towards the Atlantic League. Augusta has issues but not impossible. New Haven and Nashua were nightmare scenarios for the league but it could be any number of issues.
    Not even too sure Brockton will be back.

  3. Ron Indy Freak

    Good for him! He is one of the true good guys in the Can-Am League, and unfortunately I think it will take a lot of creativity on his part to secure a league for the 2013 season and beyond. With Worcester, Brockton (returning hopefully under new ownership), Rockland County, Newark, New Jersey and Quebec I think it is a decent league with poor management. Maybe Bridgeport will join, I also hear some grumblings about New Haven, Nashua, Ottawa, Atlantic City and Augusta, NJ possibly making a comeback to the Independent Can-Am League. I knew a guy that was interested in a couple of those market but backed out do to poor politics in some of the aforementioned cities. I really hope to see some of those markets come back to life in the coming year.

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