San Rafael, Maui Add Traveling Squads

Going into crisis mode to save the Northern Division of the  indy pro North American League and the 2012 season, the Na Koa Ikaika Maui and expansion San Rafael Pacifics will indeed work together to add two traveling teams to replace the departed Yuma Panthers and Fullerton Flyers owned by Michael Cummings and his sketchy Godfather Media, Inc.  Welcome Hilo and Sonoma County.  Read more here.


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9 responses to “San Rafael, Maui Add Traveling Squads

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Those teams are not AtL standard.

  2. Spectator777

    Stay away from John Bryant and Byron Pierce. The United League could exist again if they could get away from these crooks.

  3. Ed M. of Waterbury, Ct.

    The south div of the . NAL should merge with the Atlantic league which has a team in Sugarland Texas. They could have an all star game and a final series of Texas clubs vs. the East Coast Atlantic league teams.

  4. Scout55

    South ownership is corrupt as well. Byron Pierce and his group have several back bills pending in Laredo, Harlingen, Coastal Bend (Robstown). Experts at manipulation, excuses, stalling, and dishonesty.

  5. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    I don’t doubt they would try again but I think it’s time to blow it up. 2 teams and 2 travel teams is not even Pecos League level.
    I actually can see a new league with some of the former cities there. Just need the right people behind it.
    I’d do away with the spring training parks too. Those are massive parks for teams that are drawing 500 fans.
    Doing some research into their past dealings with colleges, etc. I can see where they failed and that was taking care of the fans. Along with all the other crap they did but if no one wants to see the games then how can you have a league.

  6. Nick

    I don’t mind when a league like the Atlantic League has the road warriors because it’s there for a year or two while building new markets, eliminating poor markets and working to grow the league. But in the case of the NAL I am very doubtful of the league returning in 2013 or even getting there feet off the ground in the North.

  7. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    I guess every league is a joke then because they have all had travel teams at one point unless there’s someone I’m missing.

  8. beenaround

    The South is its own league. Look at the schedule.

  9. Karl

    League with travel teams are a joke.. I respect the South, as they have some good teams, but the North… Why does the South not just start its own league?

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