Westward Ho for Atlantic League

Well, if there was any question about whether the indy pro Atlantic League has westward expansion on its mind after launching the Sugar Land Skeeters, it appears clear now.  The league wants one more team in the east, three more teams around Texas, and four new clubs out west somewhere to make a 16-team nationwide circuit.  California is even on the radar.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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8 responses to “Westward Ho for Atlantic League

  1. I guess it’s possible that the AL could look into putting a team at the Barons old ballpark in Hoover, though they seem much more interested in getting new parks built. They always seem to have a lot of proposed new ballparks in the works, so I wouldn’t worry about them having too many teams. Even if they move into Malden and Loudon, they could always dump a team like Bridgeport that has done poor at the gate in recent years.

    Nick, why do you say Bridgeport is a “dump” ?

    • Nick

      It was very unkept, the stadium just seems run down. I was a season ticket holder for years and the park just looks lost a forgotten. The customer service was horrific, food options were limited to hot dog and cheeseburger along with the usual frenchfries and the quality was poor served cold or over cooked. The general manager was no where to be found when Todd Marlin was always around, just seems like they have given up on it. Sad to see

  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Doubt they will tell someone to sit out if they can get a ballpark built. Malden isn’t even affiliated with the AtL at the moment, he’s making the push like Plymouth did.

    And wasn’t one of the south markets opening up? I forget which one…was it Birmingham…somewhere over there.

    There are enough markets if they can get ballparks built or move into older ones that may be there, probably don’t even have to get all the way to California with old spring training ballparks that could be renovated, etc.

    • Nick

      I would like to see Orlando, FL, and Bridgeport I attended opening night and the place is a dump and customer service was poor. They reported 2,300 in attendance and they were lucky if 500 were there

  3. There are options – Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Beaumont, the Dallas area. The AL is smart – they don’t rush into places. They take their time and get new ballparks built. It may take a decade, but I have no doubt that they will get to 16 teams if that’s what they want.

    • Karl

      Give me Montgomery County, Shreveport and Beaumont. Yes Montgomery county has a TCL team, but its at a HS field with no beer, and Shreveport is left without a team due to the TCL and HOFL squabbles. Shreveport would need a new stadium, but I think it could work out there. Maybe even Monroe, LA, or Missouri locations..

      • Nick

        Anywhere out west? What about mass with only one market being said for the east and ODP wanting Montgomery County, MD and Loudoun Hounds and Malden, MA in the works…who’s the odd man out?

  4. Nick

    what markets could they possibly go into in the South for Texas? same on the West Coast?

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