Pacifics Unveil Mascot, Pick Up NAL Pieces

The indy pro San Rafael Pacifics (North American League) unveiled their new mascot, Sir Francis the Drake, a few days ago, while an appeals court denied a request by a neighborhood group trying to delay the team from coming to Albert Park.  It looked like it was full steam ahead for the expansion club until Friday’s news from Godfather Media.  It now appears that the Pacifics and the Na Koa Ikaika Maui teams will try to move forward with four teams in the NAL North by adding another team in Sonoma and another in Hawaii.  If this is the case, don’t expect full-blown operations here.  With only a month to go before the season begins, we’ll see logos, uniforms, and probably a lot of extra home dates for the San Rafael and Maui teams.  We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

PRESS RELEASE – The San Rafael Pacifics, in partnership with Drake Terrace Senior Living in San Rafael, unveiled the team’s mascot Thursday, April 19, at the Parkside Children’s.

Sir Francis the Drake — a swashbuckling, larger-than-life male duck, based on the 16th Century Elizabethan naval commander, Sir Francis Drake — stands 7-feet tall and wields a foam sword, or a bat, depending on his mood.

An Elizabethan collar highlights the Drake, and a red cape with the words “Love the Drake,” adorns the back of the cape, symbolizing the Pacifics partnership with Drake Terrace Senior Living in San Rafael.

A Pacifics sash crosses the Drake’s chest, and his over-sized duck feet were fitted with custom black baseball shoes.
Sir Francis made his first public showing of the season on Thursday, as he visited Parkside Children’s Center, along with Marin Catholic High graduate and Pacifics spring training invitee, Dave Hoffmire. The Drake made a prepared statement with the use of cue cards, and with some help from Hoffmire:
“Hello, my name is Sir Francis the Drake…
I am the new mascot for the San Rafael Pacifics Baseball team.
It’s an enormous pleasure to meet you.
Before we get any further, there are a couple things you should now about me …
I am a male duck, or, if you will, a “Drake.”
If you knew that, you should be on Jeopardy.
I was inspired by the 16th Century privateer, Sir Francis Drake, whose exploits were legendary.

You may be more familiar with a busy freeway off-ramp barring the name. That was quite the honor. … Thank you.
In the coming days, weeks and months, keep a close eye out for me, as I will be swashbuckling my way around Marin County, and every Pacifics game.
If you see me, feel free to stop and WAVE hello. But please, don’t feed the ducks, we’re really tired of your old bread … we’re just far too polite to show it.”
The mascot was the brainchild of Pacifics Team President and General Manager, Mike Shapiro, who was determined to create a mascot that was child-friendly, fun-loving and clever.
“Our hope is that Sir Francis becomes synonymous with the Pacifics and with our community,” Shapiro said. “We will continue to be involved, visit the local schools, non-profit organizations, children’s centers, hospitals and senior communities. Now with Sir Francis on board, these visits will be even more fun.
“We are incredibly grateful that Drake Terrace Senior Living in San Rafael shared this vision, and wanted to partner with us in bringing Sir Francis the Drake to life.”
We specialize in full-service, private pay senior living communities that offer an enriched lifestyle drawn from thoughtful details. When Andrew Kohlberg, our founder and president, purchased Kisco’s first retirement community in 1990, two thoughts emerged as the driving force: If my parents were to live in a retirement community, what would I want it to be like? And how would I want them to be treated?

From these simple concepts, Kisco’s philosophy was shaped. We created our Principles, Values and Beliefs based on integrity, dignity and compassion. This belief system balances the needs of our residents, our employees – whom we regard as associates – and our business partners.

Today our organization is nationwide, but we maintain a personal approach. We continuously reevaluate and refine our methods. We treat people with kindness and respect. We work to create environments that are inviting to residents, their families, and friends. We listen.

At Kisco Senior Living, we aren’t aiming to be the biggest. We are aiming to be the best.

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