Yuma Panthers Out for 2012

In not so surprising news, Michael Cummings and Godfather Media, Inc. are calling it quits for the indy pro Yuma Panthers (North American League) for the 2012 season.  Cummings basically blames the instability of the NAL, but he’s been playing dice with the Golden Baseball League/NAL for a few years now, so this isn’t some new enlightenment on his part.  As we have said before, there are red flags all over the place, and we suspect Cummings hasn’t been able to raise the funds he needs via Godfather and is unwilling to spend substantial funds out of his own pocket, assuming he has any, to move forward.  Cummings says the team could come back to play in the fall or winter.  Read more here.  Godfather recently took control of the indy pro Fullerton/Orange County Flyers (NAL) too, so we assume this announcment throws the Flyers franchise into uncertainty as well.  Thanks to Paul for the heads up.


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9 responses to “Yuma Panthers Out for 2012

  1. Scout55

    FBI got involved with Arizona Winter League debacle. What a story!

  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Weren’t they all centrally owned teams with the backing of Pat Sajak and whoever. Later teams were sold off for whatever cost but I doubt it was $500k-$1M. For that you could get a team in the AA, CanAm, Frontier or somewhere where you know there will be a league the following year.
    New leagues the cost is less but leagues are starting to require bonds, etc.
    The west is no a gold mine at this point but it was before the west was poisoned. I would not be surprised to see more collegiate teams in the west but not sure I can see a AtL type league based on current economic situations.

    • Gil Renard

      If a North Division of the NAL falls apart, and there is nobody around that cares, then did it ever really exist in the first place??

  3. Nick

    each membership in year one was between $500k-$1m, Outcalt & Kaval made money!

  4. beenaround

    Didn’t know that. Guess someone made money off it.

  5. Nick

    those people didnt pay, others did.

  6. beenaround

    Did anyone really pay a couple hundred thousand to be involved with this bunch? I thought the Godfather people paid with worthless stock?

  7. Nick

    Shocking! Kevin Outcalt ran for the hills as did his previous caretaker David Kaval when the Golden Baseball League fell apart. This is the product when anyone and their brother can purchase a team for a couple hundred thousand and expect to operate with no out of pocket expense only sponsorship and flawed partnerships. RIP GBL/NAL/United League/Northern League shame on you all! I can’t wait for another frank Boulton type guy to give the west coast a shot, it could be a gold mine with the right model!

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