B-Mets Expect PDC Renewal

Despite talk that the Double-A Binghamton Mets (Eastern League) are bound for Ottawa after the 2012 season, B-Mets President Michael Urda, who has denied any sale and relocation of the franchise, is optimistic that the team’s player development contract with the New York Mets will be renewed in the next few months.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “B-Mets Expect PDC Renewal

  1. patrick

    We will see in july but i am still seeing Beacon Sports still want the Binghamton Mets move to Ottawa no matter what happens this year what do you all predict do you all see mets moving from binghamton to ottawa? or staying in binghamton?

    • Justin

      People see the attendance figures and say, okay, Binghamton is a likely target. The problem is… they probably didn’t know the franchise’s lease of the city-owned stadium is $1 (yes, ONE DOLLAR, city services included), and the B-Mets have complete control of said stadium -ticketing, concessions, advertising, parking, naming rights (which include the NYSEG Stadium name – New York State Electric & Gas, which apparently offers free electric and gas service too). If Beacon says it can turn a profit in Ottawa with a lease in the hundreds of thousands; then Binghamton should be having no problems (and would have lesser travel expenses too). Not to mention the Eastern League was formed less than a block from the stadium – it would be weird not having small town Binghamton in the league it started.

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