Ballpark Not the Problem in Lackawanna County

Minor league baseball executives from Bill Terlecky to Chuck Domino don’t believe replacing PNC Field with a new ballpark will necessarily fix the attendance problems for the Triple-A Wilkes-Barre Yankees (now Empire State Yankees) (International League).  We completely agree.  The lack of fan support stems from the team’s management, operations, and fan experience.  Read more here.

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One response to “Ballpark Not the Problem in Lackawanna County

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Owners and ownership groups need to learn it’s more marketing and looking out for the fans than anything else.
    You can always build new and live off the newness for a while but sooner or later you lose that. Look what happened to the Mets and it was almost right away. Usually you have a 3-5 year grace period but they went right off the tracks due to ownership being a bunch of….
    And this comes from a fan of the Mets for over 25 years.
    New only lasts for so long.

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