Federals Secure Lease in Prescott (AZ)

The new indy pro Montezuma Federals (start-up Freedom Pro Baseball League) have agreed to terms with Yavapai College in Prescott (AZ) to play at Roughrider Park starting May 19.  Read more and view ballpark photo here.  We have to say that Roughrider Park is a far cry from the quality of stadium pictured in the header of the league’s website.


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3 responses to “Federals Secure Lease in Prescott (AZ)


    They can if they have a model and fields locked. I mean I can build a decent website and make up teams. Its called fantasy baseball. The league will never get of the ground. one guy gonna own all the teams like Dunn in the Pecos league semi pro league. Thats not professional baseball.

  2. Been Around

    So nobody else gets to try to make a living in baseball unless they work for a major league team?


    I don’t see this league even getting off the ground. Leave Roughrider park to what it is, a JC field. End of march no mangers,no companies interested in partnershps for this league come on man. The guy running it a ex pro ? Google is pretty good these days on finding everything well close. This guy never played a inning of professional level. I mean I can go see the future of the majors for free with the Arizona rookie league, or have a opportunity to catch one of the 81 diamondback home games. Leave professional baseball to the professionals. COME ON MAN

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