Freedom League Launches in Arizona

PRESS RELEASE – The Freedom Pro Baseball League & the City of Scottsdale have agreed on the use of Scottsdale Stadium for the League’s 2012 Inaugural Season starting May 19 through September 21st. The Freedom Pro Baseball League will play approximately 45 games at Scottsdale Stadium.

The Freedom Pro Baseball League has six teams total with at least four playing this season and the others phased in next season. These Teams will respectfully represent different Regions of the Valley, along with one Team representing the Prescott Region. The Arizona Centennials will play their Home Games at Scottsdale Stadium and will be Representing the Central Region. The Montezuma Federals will be looking to play their Home Games at Yavapai College’s Roughrider Park in Prescott and will be Representing the Prescott Region. The Copper State Prospectors (representing the East Valley) & Sonoran Explorers (representing the West Valley); will be playing their Home Games at Stadiums in the Valley representing their regions. The Western Wranglers & Grand Canyon Pioneers will look to get their start in the second season.

The League’s Vision is to bring High Quality, Low Cost, Fun, Family Friendly Entertainment to Valley residents in between Spring Training, & theFall League games. The League is also excited to offer an opportunity for Local and National Baseball talent to play and be seen by Major League Scouts, with the possibility of being picked up by a Major League Team.

The Man behind the Vision is former Pro Baseball Player, Owner of Joe Sperle’s Baseball School, & Scottsdale resident, Joe Sperle. Joe along with Tim Gross, a Top Producing Farmer in North Dakota, and Tony & Dawn Kyle, Business Marketing Consultants, have worked together to make the Dream a reality.

A General Manager has been selected and will be announced this coming month of March. The League is currently interviewing for Team Coaches, Managers, and other top positions. Game Tryouts to fill 4 out of 6 Team Rosters will be April 9,10th & 21st-22nd at Scottsdale Stadium.

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Thanks to John Galbraith for the story.


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14 responses to “Freedom League Launches in Arizona

  1. MVP

    You guys are just haters. Here in the valley there’s a lot of talent players that for some reason good or bad didn’t make it yet, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t good enough to put a good show here in the valley. Also that would be a great opportunity to those players to showcase their talent and get a contract with a mayor league team. I bet if you could have the chance to play or work in this league, you wouldn’t say those non sense. If the heat is a problem for you, Stay at home, I bet there are a lot of baseball lovers out there that don’t care, and the games are going to be at night anyways. I think people should give it a chance to something new here in the valley. It wont here, nothing to loose.

  2. azbaseball

    Presscott would be a great venue, they do support there sports up there
    From the High school to JC games. The Montazuma sqaud would have a decent fan base. I just dont see it here in the valley. As for Flagstaff the Skydome was built a little two small to play ball in there. Coconino High school has a very nice, But it is what is a high school field.. Bob Lipp has tired many baseball ventures. All failed sorry to say His hearts in Bisbee and they are happy with there Copperkings and Vintage baseball in that area of the state. Maybe the Babbit clan in Flag can toss a bucks down for
    a field with a good amount of seating. If they build it they will come for sure.

  3. beenaround

    The AFL and this would be two different things. Also, the AFL draws 100 people a game, mostly scouts, because they don’t promote themselves. Their only function is player development, if a few people show for the games that’s ok too. Hopefully any league playing at the same time would position itself as family entertainment rather than pure baseball, as any successful minor league does. Always thought there’d be a market for that but who knows – if there was, someone would have tried it by now. Maybe someone has, I don’t know. Prescott makes sense in the summer because of the weather, northern AZ towns like Flagstaff, Kingman, maybe Winslow would make sense too but I don’t think they have proper ballparks. Even into NM with Gallup and CA with Barstow, the I-40 truck stop towns. I think Bob Lipp tried something like that a few years ago but didn’t have the money behind it.

    • Baseball714

      They could possibly try the park up in Farmington NM (Ricketts park). It seems like it could be a good place to have baseball.

  4. beenaround

    Certainly can’t fault someone for wanting to start a baseball league, if it’s done with wisdom and financial backing. Announcing a league in late February with a mid-May start date indicates at least one of these factors is missing. Checking their Web site shows nearly no new information since the announcement, though there is a league GM announced. Maybe they can make it go in 2012 but a 2013 start date would make more sense. Phoenix has always been a black hole for minor league baseball because of the heat. People just don’t go out in the summer. A late fall (mid-September to Dec. 15) league, giving opportunity to players who just finished their indy seasons is, in my opinion, a better niche that could be filled in Arizona. But who knows, maybe their business plan will work. Good luck to them.

    • azbaseball

      Beenaround very good post. I totally agree with the mid Sept-Dec league.
      Give guys who got hurt during the season more at bats, or innings on the
      bump. Or in alot of cases give guys a few extra months of work. Here in Phoenix maybe tough,but there are die hards who are still itching for baseball after October. One run I do see is competing with the high caliber rising stars of the Arizona Fall league. Like you if there business model is good. I will check out some games. Might even make a weekend out of it in prescott watching there sqaud to get out of the Phoenix heat.

  5. azbsaeball

    Uggh here we go again another Indy league starting up. Dont people know the ones we do have are struggling like crazy right now. Who wants to see borderline professional talent in the middle of the summer. If you know anything about Indy ball, The talent is not there like it used to when organzations sent players to get more innings in the mid 90’s to early part of 2000’s The ones who do get signed by a upper indy league from lets say the Pecos league hit .157.

  6. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Andrew Dunn…the guy who ran on the field with a folding chair? Sorry but when I hear professional, that’s not it.
    If the guy wants to look elsewhere for employment, it’s his right. Can’t say I’d go about it in this way but to each their own.

  7. Gil Renard

    It does not seem to professional to post on a web site that you are looking for a job… Be it this year or next. You could very easily contact the Freedom League people and talk with them. Doing something like this looks very bad for you and the Pecos League. If I were Andrew Dunn, I would very seriously consider if any steps need to be taken as for your employment within the Pecos league. If you are looking already for other options, it leaves the Santa Fe community, as well as the Pecos League and the players on your team to ponder your commitment to each of them, and if you will give it your all in 2012..

    • diana reyes

      do not agree with you!!! if he wants to talk about what his goals are or where he might want to end up does not make him less interested in his pecos league…so further said is nice that people stay and want to continue coaching or playing ball, where ever it may be.

  8. Been Around

    Imagine the Pecos people will be thrilled to see their coach is seeking another job.

    • Not looking for a current job. Maybe for next season or something. I am loyal to the Pecos League for this season, but who knows after that. Always a good thing to stay home and play ball.

      • azbaseball

        Bill dont listen. You are a respected memeber of the Arizona Baseball community. Hang out at home(Your real home ) and then hit the park at the pro level. Sounds pretty good if you ask me.

  9. Very interesting. You look like your going to be pushing for time to be rolling May 19. Have you players and Coaches lined up? pretty exciting if you can get it done. My name is Bill Moore and I have been Coaching Baseball in the Valley this summer 40Years. Scouted for several teams, Coached at MCC and SMCC. Currently Coaching in Santa Fe NM in the Pecos League. Please keep me updated and maybe in mind for a job in the future. I really might have some interesting ideas to share also. My phone number is 602 980 2372. Good Luck and wish you well!!!

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