Brockton Rox to Officially Join Futures League

PRESS RELEASE – The Brockton 21st Century Corporation is pleased to announce that it has executed a Letter of Intent to provide for the Brockton Rox Baseball Team’s inclusion this season in The Future Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL). The Brockton Rox Baseball Team will continue to be operated by Chris Carminucci through Entertainment Management Company, LLC. The FCBL currently has 9 teams operating in the Northeast and plays a 54 game schedule.

Additionally, the Letter of Intent provides for the continuation of The Shaw’s Conference Center and its management team headed by Michael Canina. Canina will build on The Shaw’s Center’s successful operations. The current quarter bookings will be the best first quarter results since operations began in 2004.

The Letter of Intent, which is for 1 year, also provides for substantial marketing of both the Brockton Rox and The Shaw’s Center. Executive Director of the Brockton 21st Century Corporation, Mary Waldron, stated: “We are excited at the prospects of joining the FCBL and promoting the family entertainment value of seeing potential future professionals getting their start. We are also pleased that the Letter of Intent provides incentives for the promotion of additional special events at the stadium that would be mutually beneficial to the Brockton 21st Century Corporation and the City of Brockton.”

Read more here from the The Enterpise newspaper.

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