It’s the St. Cloud Rox

PRESS RELEASE – The St. Cloud Rox are the newest addition to the best summer collegiate baseball league in the country, the Northwoods League. The Rox will play at majestic Joe Faber Field in 2012, home to one of the best ballparks in the upper Midwest. That however, is one of the few things that isn’t brand new about the organization.

Led by a new local ownership group and a new front office the team will be presenting a whole new experience at the ballpark. The smell of hot dogs and burgers will still exist but expect a totally different feel when you arrive at the game.

New promotions, giveaways, and merchandise will be featured along with some incredible entertainment throughout the 2012 season. There’s only one inaugural season and this is your chance to be a part of Rox history!

Joe Faber Field, home of the Rox, will be THE place to be this summer. Don’t miss your opportunity to get the hottest ticket in town and see the brand new Rox in action. The only way to guarantee a seat for the Inaugral Home Opener, numerous fireworks shows, and other great promotions is by grabbing your season tickets. There’s no better time to hop on the bandwagon, get your tickets today by emailing

Booking a group? Well, the ballpark features some incredible options for your party. Whether your group is 6 or 500 with numerous VIP experiences and some great catering options Rox Baseball can customize the perfect group outing that fits all your needs. To find out more contact Wes Sharp or email

There’s nothing better than a full ballpark on a warm summer day, and talk about an active audience. If your business wants to be part of the community and be seen by thousands of Central Minnesotan’s well now is your chance. For more information call Scott Schreiner or email him at

Go ROX and we’ll see you at the ballpark!

Read more here from the St. Cloud Times.


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7 responses to “It’s the St. Cloud Rox

  1. Steve

    So who designed this one…Studio Simon or Brandiose? While it looks more Studio Simon-y, it isn’t in either’s trademark look. Maybe someone else slipped in…?

  2. David Streeter

    So that’s where the Mascot for the former West Tenn Diamond Jaxx went…..

  3. Mark.

    You called it Alan!

    • ballparkbiz

      Mark, that was one of the super easy ones to figure out, because it had been used before in the history of St. Cloud baseball.


  4. confused Northwoods fan

    ummmm aren’t there already one team called the Rox? i can smell a lawsuit

    • ballparkbiz

      I do not believe the Brockton Rox have a federally-registered trademark for “Brockton Rox” or “Rox.” That said, even if they did, “St. Cloud Rox” would be a different wordmark. I beat this drum when the Amarillo Sox bailed on calling the team the Amarillo Gold Sox, when it was discovered that the Marysville Gold Sox (actually the City of Marysville) had a federally-registered trademark for “Gold Sox.” Amarillo would not have been allowed to use “Gold Sox” by itself for the four goods and services categories registerd by Marysville (baseball games and exhibitions, paper goods and printed matter, clothing and headwear, and toys and sporting goods), but they could have used “Amarillo Gold Sox.” They needed better legal counsel.


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