Ramapo Ballpark Revenues $300K Shy of Projections

The financials are in for the first-year operations of Provident Bank Park, home of the indy pro Rockland Boulders (Can-Am League), and revenues came in $300,000 short of what consultants projected in 2010.  Read more here.


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7 responses to “Ramapo Ballpark Revenues $300K Shy of Projections

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    There was a problem with Ramapo also. The Mets have been uber protective lately and I have a feeling it’s more to do with them being broke then anything else.

    Sexier? eh…Marketing is an issue with a lot of minor league teams. Look at the Ducks, Patriots and others in the area who constantly draw 5000+. And I’ve been to several games at both parks and not one time has that number been an inflated tickets sold number.

    There are plenty of MiLB teams who can’t sell tickets too.

    Newark…I doubt they would want to be there long term. The ballpark cost a lot because of where it is but it’s not up to AA standards except for number of seats.

    Sussex is outdated and don’t seem to be crying about the loss either.

    Atlantic City. Has the seats but again not truly an AA ballpark. And the Phillies come into play here.

    With renovations some of these things could be fixed but I just don’t see them allowing it to happen. I think Brooklyn and Staten Island are going to be the only MiLB teams in the immediate area.

    The Can Am seems to be walking a tightrope right now with an 80 MPH gust of wind coming so the talks may be revisited.

    • danrodriguez804

      Yeah, I also wonder about the long-term success of the Can-Am. I know there were talks years ago of a merger between the Can-Am and Atlantic League. I’m a fan of indy ball for sure, but going to HV there’s the prospect of seeing Josh Hamilton or Evan Longoria, while the names aren’t as recognizable in Montclair. But I like going to Somerset and Long Island as well.

      I don’t think the ballpark is an issue in Newark. It’s actually very nice and nicer than many AA ballparks, but obviously needs upgrades. The issue is where are the fans? Let’s get a couple of Sally League teams here! Hagerstown is up for grabs. I’d hate for the league to lose Savannah though.

  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Why does everyone always say get AA or AAA ball like an indy team doesn’t deserve a nice park. The Mets blocked the Yanks from going there so they will probably block anyone else too. Get used to an indy team being there…well, if the Can Am gets sorted out.

    • Dan Rodriguez

      I hear ya, dude. I follow the Atlantic League and somewhat the Can Am. Affiliated ball is simply “sexier”. I think there’s more hope of seeing future star talent. The HV Renegades draw twice as much as the Boulders and they’re in a ballpark nowhere nearly as nice, in a less populated area. I live in nearby Westchester County, I’m more likely to head to HV (45 minutes away) than Rockland (30 minutes away). It has that added lure. My comment may have been rude, for lack of a better term, but I mean if they’re drawing under 3,000 a simpler park would suffice.

      • Dan Rodriguez

        I dont believe the Mets blocked a move there. It was Newark. There was a rumor of a SAL team there (SAL in NY?) Why not bring two SAL teams, one for Mets and Yanks. One could play in Rockland, the other in Newark or in Sussex or Atlantic City.

  3. Dan Rodriguez

    I wonder what this means for the future of the team. I’d hate to say it but that’s a really nice park that should get a higher caliber of ball there. I’d love an Eastern League team but even a NYPL team would be great. I think that would double attendance.

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