Prospects in Talks to Play at Telus Field

Now that the indy pro Edmonton Capitals (formerly North American League) have gone dark for 2012, the summer collegiate Edmonton Prospects (Western Major Baseball League) would like to play games at Telus Field.  The team is in discussions with Rexall Sports and Entertainment (RSE), which owns the Capitals and still leases Telus, about using the park.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Prospects in Talks to Play at Telus Field

  1. Mark.

    If that indeed happens Alan, what will become of Telus?

    • ballparkbiz

      Mark, I certainly think they could coexist. Edmonton has the population (+/- 1M) to support a well-run team, and St. Albert is its own suburban market with 60,000.

      BTW, the Prospects are indeed being contemplated for the proposed new St. Albert ballpark. The Google description for the Prospects’ website reads: “St. Albert Sports City Check out our plans for our future home for The Edmonton Prospects at: A destination where sport is the culture…”

      Also, this gentleman who chairs the Sports City project is also a stakeholder in the Prospects:


  2. Mark.

    If they do move into Telus, let’s hope they draw a few more fans than they were getting at John Fry!!

    • ballparkbiz

      I assume it would be a temporary deal. If you look on their website in the “Video Corner” section, you will see a video for the St. Albert (Edmonton NW suburb) Sports City development that includes a proposed new ballpark (see at 2:06 mark). With the Okotoks Dawgs as a very successful model, I get the impression the Prospects are gunning to take up residence there, if the project happens. Here is a link to an aerial map:


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