Edmonton Withdraws from North American League, Suspends Operations for 2012

We just rolled into Topeka (KS) while on the road, when our e-mail lit up with news that the indy pro Edmonton Capitals have withdrawn from the North American League.  This, of course, is a major blow to a league that was already operating on rickety stilts.  Read more here.  Thanks to all those who shot us the links.  Below is the team’s official release and video announcement:

PRESS RELEASE – Rexall Sports and Entertainment (RSE) has informed the North American League (NAL) the Edmonton Capitals are suspending play for the 2012 season. With just four teams registered for the 2012 season in the Northern Division of the NAL, down from ten teams in 2009, it is no longer acceptable for the Capitals to continue operations under such circumstances. In addition to the Capitals, the other four squads are based in Yuma, Arizona, San Rafael (San Francisco), California, and Maui, Hawaii.

The Edmonton Capitals are the reigning NAL Champions, hosting over 125,000 customers last season at iconic Telus Field. We are dedicated to providing Edmontonians with the best baseball product available and RSE will explore all options to bring baseball back to Edmonton for the 2013 season. We thank our fans in Edmonton and beyond for their support.



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13 responses to “Edmonton Withdraws from North American League, Suspends Operations for 2012

  1. Derek Harrison

    At first glance the American Association should take Quebec (which is all that is left and of the Can_Am League) and Winnipeg and form a northern division… but it is a hell of a long ways between the two…

    Red Deer/Calgary/Edmonton/Fort Sask/North Pole. and one travel teams is their only option… all canada league with minimum of 12 canucks on each roster.

    AAA baseball won’t put a team in canada, the pitchers smoke too much weed and would get caught in customs

  2. This makes for nice conversation. If anything is done right, it will work. An Alberta baseball league hasn’t been done right yet. Hell, Calgary can’t even stay in the league they joined. It isn’t the first time they have flopped. Explain how this is going to be done “right” this time. And please … don’t add theoretical ballparks (IF they build a stadium … ) and theoretical ownership groups (if the right owners get in there) in theoretical locations.

    Saskatoon and Whoeverelse is all you have here. Does Saskatoon have a ballpark or an ownership group? Any corporate money there?

  3. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    There are enough markets for a Canadian league. Just needs to be done right.
    Since Tucson is a nomad team right now, I can easily see them in Edmonton. Maybe even the 51s and when it’s affiliate change time, that would be perfect for the Jays if it’s true that they want to get their affiliates in Canada.
    If Edmonton was to continue as an indy then they probably do need to get Saskatoon and whoever else together and go that route as either a Canadian league startup or work out some deal with the AA but not as 2 teams like last time which did not work out. Travel costs are still an issue but with more teams you can work a schedule better.

  4. I am reminded that every time somebody discusses baseball leagues, the topic of a “Canadian” division arises. We look at maps of “Canada” and project. If there was going to be a “Canadian” division, they would have it already. And knowing how indy ball works, where’s the margin for error?

    I might, however, buy into the Padres relocating to Telus.

  5. Derek Harrison

    Probably the best move they could have made,
    North American League is done..there is no demand for their baseball
    They can try to get Las Vegas 51’s to move there (Blue Jays), or the Tucson Padres (San Diego), but Edmonton is very far for travel and passports…Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary can form their own league with Fort McMurray,

    • Mike Nolan

      Don’t know about Fort McMurray. It seems like too small of a market to work. How about Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina joining the American Association as a Canadian division?

  6. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    I hate seeing a league fail but it feels like this should have happened years ago. It was all smoke and mirrors. Not sure how they kept it going with losing all that money over the years. It never seemed like the league was trying to improve, just stay status quo.

    When Edmonton and Calgary left the AA, I knew this day would come but thought it would have been last year. Edmonton’s best option right now is the AA but that might not go anywhere. They can try for an affiliate again, Ottawa did it. Or some visionary can try an all Canada league…

    Sucks to see this happen to them but not much can be done now.

  7. Edmonton is just too far from anybody, even if Calgary is in the mix.
    I’d guess they will make a call to the AA, and I’d be surprised if that goes anyplace.

  8. Gil Renard

    When will the NABL just fold up shop? The Texas teams need to just re start the ULB. The NABL North has became a joke. I hate to see any Indy League have trouble, and it seems like the North has been an issue since day one..

  9. David Streeter

    Topeka huh? Jeez, what brings you out this way? Too bad there isn’t a team to report on around here….Well there is a Summer Collegiate team in Topeka and a new team is about to crop up in a nearby town…..

    • ballparkbiz

      Non-baseball business. Dropped by the complex where I believe the Topeka Golden Giants play or played. Nice place, but no real seating. Are they still in business? Where is the new team, Junction City where the Generals played up until last year? If so, great ballpark but tough location. As a friend of mine said to me the other day, we have to be able to develop a magical, inexpensive technology that allows us to take great old ballparks and move them to viable locations.

      • Gil Renard

        When I win the lotto, and get say 75 million I will get some people together and we will get a league started. We will get those great old parks in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and other and have a nice league equivalent to the old Class D small town league. Who is on board with me?

      • David Streeter

        The Golden Giants are still around, playing in the Walter Johnson League this summer. I worked with the team back in 2010. Jerry Robertson Field at Lake Shawnee is where they play.

        I’m helping to start a new Summer Collegiate team outside of Topeka. Press Release coming soon. You are on the list.

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