Triggers Grandstand Reconstruction Project Progressing

The City of Trinidad (CO) (pop. 9,096) is in the process of rebuilding the grandstand at Central Park, home for the new indy pro Trinidad Triggers (Pecos League).  The facility was apparently damaged by an earthquake last fall.  The ballpark is expected to be ready in time for team’s inaugural opening day on May 8th.  View reconstruction photos here.


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2 responses to “Triggers Grandstand Reconstruction Project Progressing

  1. Derek Harrison

    They will be the best team in the Pecos League, remember the Pecos League only draws 300 per game…. Pecos League is good, but New Mexico sux.

  2. Gil Renard

    Nice park… But you have to wonder if a town that size would be better fit for a Summer College League. That park along with a few of the great amateur parks in Oklahoma would make a nice league. If I only was rich..

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