Northwoods League Still Looking to Grow

There is no denying the success of the summer collegiate Northwoods League, with 18 seasons under its belt and a strong 16-team lineup, but league chief Dick Radatz, Jr. certainly isn’t letting the moss grow.  While he says 2013 expansion is unlikely, there are a number of candidate markets on deck.  Below is a quote from Radatz in today’s LaCrosse Tribune:

“We’ve got Waukesha (Wis.), Kenosha (Wis.), Fond du Lac (Wis.), three cities in Michigan, the Twin Cities, Bismarck (N.D.), Minot (N.D.) and Grand Forks (N.D.) out there,” Radatz said. “I expect us to become 20, 22, 24 teams. Nothing’s even close (for 2013) but there are a lot of irons in the fire.”

Read more here.

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