Soccer Fields to Replace Moana Stadium?

Two Reno (NV) city councilwomen are spearheading a plan to replace shuttered and soon-to-be-demolished Moana Stadium (aka, “The Biggest Little Ballpark in the World”) with a soccer complex.  The project is called “Miracle on Turf.”  The facility used to be the home to several different affiliated and indy pro clubs.  Read more and view photo here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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3 responses to “Soccer Fields to Replace Moana Stadium?

  1. remember Dick Nen hit a ball past the Marlborough man 2/3 the way down the swimming pool roof…

  2. It’s a great idea … tons of little league fields in town (though probably not enough) … top notch soccer fields raise the potential for more regional tournaments … more tourism … more opportunities in this area. Aces ballpark fills the baseball niche. Some might argue the need for more little kid football fields too. Definitely need more simming pools. Get up. Get Moving!!!

  3. Gil Renard

    Tear down a baseball stadium and replace it with a soccer complex… I think I just threw up in my mouth!!

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