Mets Not Moving Affiliation to Norwich

Whew, that was a close one!  Not really.  With all the rumblings about a possible Eastern League shakeup in the affiliation ranks, if the Double-A Binghamton Mets are sold and moved to Ottawa, a rumor surfaced that the New York Mets are interested in having their Eastern League affiliate take up residence at Dodd Stadium in Norwich (CT), the current home for the Single-A Connecticut Tigers (New York-Penn League).

First, as you know, it’s not that simple.  Second, fans haven’t exactly been flocking to Dodd Stadium, which is the reason it lost Double-A ball in the first place.  The more likely scenario seems to be the following provided by the Norwich Bulletin, assuming the Red Sox don’t have a problem with the Mets being in New England, like they do the New York Yankees:

“In a chain of events that would follow, Ottawa would partner with Toronto, which is currently the parent team to the Eastern League’s New Hampshire team. New Hampshire would then join up with Minnesota, which would end its long-standing relationship with New Britain. The Rock Cats, it was reported, would be an ideal landing spot for the Mets.”

Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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3 responses to “Mets Not Moving Affiliation to Norwich

  1. patrick

    The bmets moving rumors aren’t going to go away anytime soon i still say the bmets will move to eather montreal ottawa or new britain then binghamton will get a short-a or a ny-penn baseball team what do you all predict?

  2. I don’t believe the Red Sox could block the Mets in New Britain, but they DO have a stipulation that bars the Mets or Yankees from affiliating themselves with the New Hampshire franchise. So if the Blue Jays switch to Ottawa but Minnesota re-ups in New Britain, the Mets would have to look elsewhere.

  3. danrodriguez804

    Rock Cats indeed would be an ideal fit for the Mets. Maybe they could have gotten into Bridgeport or Rockland County if they hadn’t been so douchey with the Yankees about going to Newark. Rockland is such a nice ballpark that, sorry to say, is wasted in the Can-Am League.

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