Kalamazoo Kings File Suit Against Frontier League

The defunct indy pro Kalamazoo Kings are suing the Frontier League for allegedly interferring with a sale of the franchise last fall, which eventually led to the team losing its league membership.  Read more here and here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the story.


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7 responses to “Kalamazoo Kings File Suit Against Frontier League

  1. Mickey

    Why wont the Frontier League go there?

    • ballparkbiz

      Been there, done that. The Frontier League is now commanding new stadiums, so Kalamazoo would likely have to build a new one or substantially renovate the old one to attract another FL franchise. The hefty franchise fee, start up expenses, and operational costs of today’s FL make it too risky for a investor to put a team there under the current circumstances. It could happen, but unlikely.


  2. Really dark times for the Kings, and I wish they could have worked something out, and stayed functioning. That whole area of Kalamazoo and Battle Creek is so rich in baseball history, it’s a shame that teams are leaving. Battle Creek lost it’s team to Midland (GL Loons) because the wouldn’t build a new stadium. One should have been built off the highway between the two communities, and have both to draw from. I’d like to at least see the Kings back in action at some point, but the stadium is in a bad part of town, and I doubt we’ll see pro baseball in K-Zoo again…

    • ballparkbiz

      We have been expecting the summer collegiate Northwoods League to move into Kalamazoo to compliment the Battle Creek team, but for some reason it hasn’t happened yet.


      • It could be because Stryker field has about had it. Everyone in Kzoo states it’s in a bad part of town, and they don’t want to take their kids. That’s a killer right there, unless they play on Western’s field (the sight of the first ever college world series!).

      • Bart

        Now that the Kings are officially gone, maybe the Northwoods League could move into Riverfront Stadium. It’s not much of a venue, but at least it can hold a couple thousand people.

      • ballparkbiz

        Here is an update from July:


        I expect baseball to return there but in the form of the Northwoods League. There could be other bidders as well if it is opened up via RFP, but I would expect the Northwoods League to get it if they pursue it. They have the success history to make it a no brainer.


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