B-Mets Vehemently Deny Reports of Sale, Relocation

Michael Urda, president of the Double-A Binghamton Mets (Eastern League) has angrily denied reports that the team has been sold or contacted by anyone interested in the club.  Rumor has it that the B-Mets are headed to Ottawa, and that the Single-A Batavia Muckdogs (New York-Penn League) would move to Binghamton.  Below is an interesting tidbit from the Press & Sun-Bulletin Friday that points to level-of-play flexibility in the marketplace for the ownership:

The B-Mets pay $1 per year in rent for NYSEG Stadium, according to a copy of the lease renewal obtained through a Freedom of Information Act. When the B-Mets ownership group — which consists of Urda, Bill and David Maines, and George Scherer — renewed their lease in November, it did not stipulate the team needed to remain a Double-A affiliate. The original lease, signed in 1991, required ownership to maintain a minor-league affiliation for at least 10 years at ‘at least a AA standard.'”

Read more here.  Thanks to Scott Allen for the link.


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14 responses to “B-Mets Vehemently Deny Reports of Sale, Relocation

  1. Michael

    Glad to see the AA Mets are still in Binghamton. I never understood why the move to Ottawa seemed to be such a forgone conclusion. True, Binghamton’s attendance has never been very good, but Ottawa was drawing FAR LESS than Binghamton was in the last couple years that the Lynx were in town. And they were a AAA club! The likelihood of a AA franchise drawing any more in the same place isn’t very good. They would get a bump during the honeymoon phase of the first year or two, then would probably bottom out again. This time, with operating costs far greater than what the team has in Binghamton.

    That’s an ironic twist on the fact that the Ottawa Senators moved their AHL affiliation to Binghamton in 2002 – putting a team back in a small city that had lost its AHL franchise a few years prior. Most of the AHL was moving to bigger arenas in bigger cities, only to find out that larger capacity doesn’t always translate to bigger profits when it comes to factoring in operating costs.

  2. Commish

    August annoucement?

  3. patrick

    when do you all think the bmets owners will finally throw in the towel?

  4. beenaround

    It’s a private business, good luck seeing the books. They do have the right to do what they want with the business, whether they are moving the team or not, though.

  5. patrick

    Commish you nailed it someone is lying like alan said we would like to see the books and there is more questions than answers to this saga lets hope we get more answers sooner than later then put the mets rumors to rest once and for all what do you say gang?

  6. Commish

    We see this all the time.. where there smoke there is fire. I attend plenty of B-Met games and there is no way the move out of double A ball would be a shocker…low numbers at the gate with plenty of free tickets too. Someone is lying…just wish the truth would come out.

  7. beenaround

    Patrick, I have no idea what the real situation is. Just that in most cases, the exact action that is being denied usually follows the denial.

  8. patrick

    whats everyone Predictions for the future of the bmets?

  9. jeffrey cummings

    it’s quiet obvious they are on the block. unless this beacon sports group is more delusional then some of these “supposide” independent leagues who announce themselves prior to any franchises coming on board

  10. patrick

    What are you saying beenaround are you saying the bmets and the owners are in complete denial? Or theres more to this story than whats reported?

  11. beenaround

    Didn’t Bill Clinton vehemently deny having sex with that woman?

  12. Brian

    If the BMets are only paying $1 per year in rent, how in the world are they not turning a healthy profit ? If you can’t make money with a free lease, maybe you ought to get out the baseball business.

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