St. Cloud Team to Go Retro?

We were in the process of submitting a suggested name and logo concept for the soon-to-be-rebranded summer collegiate St. Cloud River Bats (Northwoods League), but we thought we better check on the domain status of a name used by the old St. Cloud team from the Northern League from 1946-1971, before we wasted any time on a self-indulgent, unsolicited pitch for our non-blast from the past branding alternative.

Sure enough, an unidentified party registerd the domain on Jan. 30.  Now, this doesn’t mean that the St. Cloud Rox will be the name chosen by the club’s new ownership; it could be the handiwork of some slimeball cybersquatter.  But, if we had to place a bet, this is where we would place it.  That said, we’ll put our non-Rox branding concept secretly on the shelf for another day.

Going the retro Rox route would be a smart move.  The name is short, cool, historic, and connects “rocks” with the “Granite” City.  It’s also pretty unique, although we haven’t taken the time to page through the entire Encylopedia of Minor League Baseball to verify its overall industry distinctiveness.  Of course, the indy pro Brockton Rox (Can-Am League) club has been around for a few years (although it will be dormant as a pro team for 2012), but St. Cloud got there first.  Now, if only the new and improved St. Cloud franchise could match the mascot greatness of K-O the boxing kangaroo.  Sorry, but the mascot for the River Bats never made the grade for us.  Maybe it was the blank stare, the lack of funness or toughness (pick a persona, for goodness sake), but we digress.

For a little background on the old St. Cloud Rox team, click here and here.  The club played at Rox Park/Municipal Stadium.  The team’s most famous player was Hall of Famer Lou Brock, who made his debut with the club as a rookie in 1961.  He won the league’s batting title that year with a .361 batting average and was named Rookie of the Year.

Today, the summer collegiate team plays at Joe Faber Field, which is more than adequate for this level of ball.  Over the past couple of years, we’ve periodically enjoyed the relatively new deck down the third baseline.  Go Rox, or…?

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