Hillcats Issue Statement on Possible Sale, Relocation, MiLB Replacement

PRESS RELEASE – Over the years, the Lynchburg Baseball Corp. (LBC) has from time to time received indications of interest pertaining to the acquisition of the Hillcats franchise. Consistently, the LBC’s response to any interested party has required a commitment to maintain professional baseball at Lynchburg City Stadium.

The most recent such inquiry has come from the Atlanta Braves. There are numerous contingencies, and no definitive purchase agreement has been signed.

The Hillcats became an affiliate of the Atlanta Braves starting with the 2011 season and are under contract with the Braves through the 2014 season. The Braves were very well received in their inaugural season in Lynchburg, as the Hillcats set a new season attendance record with over 169,000 fans coming through the gates. The business relationship between the LBC and the Braves has been excellent.

At this time, the LBC’s Board of Directors has approved a preliminary understanding with the Braves, and is proceeding with negotiations pending the approval of construction of a baseball facility in Wilmington, North Carolina, and another minor league franchise moving to Lynchburg.

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