El Paso Closing in on Triple-A Ball?

Steve Kaplowitz from El Paso’s ESPN Radio says things are moving very fast to try and bring the Triple-A Tucson Padres (Pacific Coast League) to town.  In his opinion, “It’s probably the closest El Paso has been to an affiliated baseball team since 2004.”  For this to happen, a few things would have to fall into place — not the least of which is a deal for a new downtown ballpark.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “El Paso Closing in on Triple-A Ball?

  1. Gil Renard

    Sugarland,TX would be a great AAA team for the Astros if the Padre owners were to sell. The Astros PDC I believe is up after this season, and the Atlantic League in Texas will bleed money unless they find additional teams..

  2. john

    Edmonton Canada is trying to bring AAA baseball back.

  3. Been Around

    The part that might hold it up is the “all we have to do is build a stadium downtown with $40 million in public money” part. That sort of little item seems to stop a lot of these efforts pretty quickly. That being said El Paso seems like a nice PCL fit.

  4. Jason Jamez

    How curiously fascinating! I always tended to believe that AAA baseball would find its way to El Paso after it was evident that the Beavers were not returning to Portland, Ore. However, I did not realize the team would have taken the trek that it did. I do hope that affiliated ball will return to the Rose City or somewhere in the propiquinty sometime soon.

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