Expansion Prairie Dogs Already Talking New Ballpark

As we posted on Tuesday, the Abilene Prairie Dogs are being revived as a member of the indy pro North American League.  A little tidbit from the formal announcement yesterday is that the team is interested in building a new privately-funded $3 to $4 million ballpark within the next two years.  Read more here


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2 responses to “Expansion Prairie Dogs Already Talking New Ballpark

  1. Spectator777

    Dear Abilene,

    RUN! Run as fast as you can!

    If you need some background on Byron Pierce and John Bryant please see https://ballparkbiz.wordpress.com/2011/07/14/neuces-county-sues-coastal-bend-thunder/ OR https://ballparkbiz.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/nals-bryant-targeting-brownsville-tx/ – these are just a few.

    In closing, RUN!

  2. Gil Renard

    Can you really build a ballpark for 3 to 4 million dollars? Or a better question is a ballpark with a few thousand fixed seats? Seems to make it this cheap, you would have to have the land donated, the have lots of bleacher seats, and more covered stands and no fixed buildings. Maybe a few business trailers on site, and a low end score board. Maybe I am totally wrong on this cost assessment, as Abilene will be a nice location for a team.

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