Texas Collegiate League Expands to The Woodlands

The Woodlands (TX), a long-time target for baseball entrepreneurs looking for a great market to put a team, finally has a franchise.  Ramiro Lozano of Spring has secured a franchise in the Texas Collegiate League, which will begin play in 2012.  The team’s new home will be the baseball field at The Woodlands Christian Academy, which will be improved with new stadium seating.

The club has also announced a name-the-team contest.  Submissions can be sent via e-mail to Heather Washburn at heather_ags94@comcast.net.  Read more here and here.


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2 responses to “Texas Collegiate League Expands to The Woodlands

  1. Gil Renard

    Great to see another team in the Houston area!! You do have to wonder how this will effect the Atlantic Leagues or American Associations plans of a team in Montgomery County. This area would be better served with a professional minor league tam, and sports venue, but until this becomes a reality, the TCL will be a great offering to the community.

    Moderator, do you have any information on this ballpark? Such as is this a viable long term home for a TCL team with no beer sales ( I would assume), as well as any pictures of the venue.

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